Thursday, September 07, 2017

Family of Girls now Fixed

Today the last of a family of girls are being fixed, three more girl kittens.  Their mom Cora was fixed two weeks ago and the first kitten, also a girl, Lolotai, was fixed last week.

Cora had wandered in as a stray already pregnant.

Mom, Cora, was fixed a couple weeks back.
The first of her four kittens to be fixed was Lolotai, fixed last week.

Lolotai.  She sure looks like mom!
Today her three sisters are being fixed.  Notice one that kind of stands out as not fitting the mold?

Cora Jr. is being spayed today.

So is sister Maui!

Who's your daddy, Snow?   Were you adopted?  Ha, the fourth girl kitten, Snow is, strangely, a Lynx Point Siamese.  This is a terrible photo of her.  She's actually gorgeous.

How about some more bad air photos?

Yes, our air is bad here.  That's the interstate, looking southwest.

And the geese are coming in from the north, for the winter.  We have year round resident Canada Geese but in the fall, large flocks migrate in.   This is the Santiam River at Waterloo.  The horse across the river is often down by the water.  It's a beautiful horse.

Lastly, the county park there has a zillion California Ground Squirrels.  Here is just one of them.


  1. That air quality is dreadful. Really foul. I hope you get some relief soon.

    1. We all do! Rain today, spurred from thunderstorms. I hope the lightning that came with them didn't start more fires.

  2. Does rain help clear the air? Enjoyed your pictures of the horse and geese.