Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eclipolipse Begins

Yes, the Eclipolipse has begun.

I did not know a huge eclipse event is happening in sparsely populated eastern Oregon.  But one is happening and the stress on narrow low volume roads has led to fuel shortages and 30 miles traffic jams.

30,000 people are expected at Symbiosis, an eclipse festival, in eastern Oregon, causing traffic messes.

Meanwhile, eclipse day forecasts are looking good, except perhaps for clouds or fog on the coast.  I told you it would change.

I took big Bambam from the School Road colony up to be fixed today.  He will be picked up by my friend who places barn cats, along with 8 of the 9 kittens trapped at the colony and being held by the couple who trapped them.  They are keeping the 9th.  There are still more cats out there, to trap, but we are holding off until a week from Sunday to do more trapping, since the clinic is closed all next week over the eclipse madness.

Bambam gets neutered today
And the other two from that colony, in my garage, will be fixed mid week next week, up in Portland at the FCCO.  Hopefully they can go from the clinic to my barn cat placing friend.  I hope she will have room.

Rastus on left, Glory, behind him, on right.
Meanwhile Raven, formerly of Mountain Shadows, was returned.   I had hoped it would work out with the young woman, but she had never checked with her landlord, a family member, and had to return her.  She's currently in the foster cage and I'm looking for a place for her.

Raven, formerly of Mountain Shadows, is back

Raven would love a  quiet home, no kids, no dogs, and a few other cats.

Twinkie is still here too and I am hoping, crossing fingers, that Felines First Rescue will take him soon.

Twinkie, formerly living in the Circle K dumpster, is a tame fun boy now, but he'd love a home with another kitten to play with!

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He loves his velcro harness.  And I think it makes him feel secure too.
What are my big plans for Eclipse Day?   Well, dragging my lawn chair out to my driveway at about 9:45 a.m.  Woohoo!


  1. Best wishes to you and all these sweet feline souls. I hope nobody needs the clinic. Good grief. Be well!

  2. Twinkie is a charmer - and I just sent you an email from someone who agrees.

    1. Anyone interested in adopting, contact me at

  3. Hey, my dear. Thank you for asking about my writing. I actually sold one short story years ago and gave another tale away for charity. After that a careless 'mentor' crushed my spirit with unhelpful commentary and general dispassion. Whatever was going on in that person's life, it took years to recover my muse. So I'm thrilled just to be writing again. Folks tell me in an encouraging way that it's rather criminal not to share with the world. ~grin~ So, well see. I have over twenty novella length stories in a series that I'm having fun rewriting and polishing (over and over, actually). ~shakes head~ Good thing I like my characters.

    1. I'm so sorry that happened to you. It happened to me also, with poems, and I quit writing them afterwards, a nasty remark by a relative, derisive and I gave up poetry after that, years ago. Well I hope one day you share if you feel comfortable doing so.

  4. I have friends who live along the coast in Oregon and I've been reading some of the eclipse news on their facebook pages. Among other things, the grocery stores shelves are getting bare and there are traffic jams. However, they said some of them were cause by accidents.

    Are you finding empty grocery store shelves?

    The area we live in should experience about an 80% eclipse, and our frenzy is over viewing glasses. Our library did have some to give out, but ran out. Things are getting tense as people are not accepting that we don't have them anymore. They have run out of them everywhere whether they were for free or being sold.

    My theory is that there is so much focus on the eclipse because it's so difficult to listen to the rest of the news. As for us, I think we're doing the lawn chair on the driveway also.

    1. Lawn chair in the driveway is the best way to view the eclipse! No fuss no muss. The city council warned people today here this is not the apocalypse, to stop hoarding gas, because we are experiencing gas shortages and stations running out of gas here and people are going in filling all their extra gas cans up. I saw no problem at the grocery store this afternoon except there were zillions of people in there. Plenty of food, however, I think, but I was just in and out. It's all compounded in the cascades by many wildfires, some of them right next to major highways and if there was a major evacuation order due to a fire during this weekend, it will turn ugly.

  5. I love Twinkie. He reminds me of my first cat, Schatzie, who I rescued when I was 12.
    Enjoy the eclipse. Stay safe. Thanks for helping the cats. You are a hero.
    I am currently fostering two orphaned kittens. They came to me at 5 days. They are 4 weeks, now. Clyde had Cuterebra. I posted about it in Kitten Nightmares. He has had a rough time with it.

    1. Where are you located? I'll be checking out your blog! Nice to meet you!