Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Crash and Burn

I was all over the place on Sunday searching out cats for appointments Monday.

And in the end, they came from everywhere!   Circle K.  Two more trapped at the dumpster there.  A kitten and a blue adult I was sure was the mom of the kittens.  But no, turned out to be a male and Eclipse's brother.

He is gorgeous, however.  Both boys will leave Thursday for Lake Oswego.   A friend there is taking them to a friend of hers in the gorge who wants some barn cats.

Fogs, a beautiful young blue male, fixed Monday

Skags, the latest Circle K kitten.  Five cats have now been trapped, fixed from the Circle K dumpster area.  In the latest round that is.   There's an illegal feeder lady in the apartments behind, who feeds and doesn't fix, gets caught, stops feeding.  It's tragic and horrible for the cats and expensive and difficult on me, when inevitably kittens wind up living in the dumpster.
Skags, the latest dumpster catch kitten, is really wild, and these are not young six weeks olds, more like ten to twelve week olds.  Wrangle so far is the only one of the three who is taming.

So Skags and Fogs were fixed Monday from Circle K.

Then so was an Albany female.  The couple feeding her got her kittens inside when young enough to tame easily.  Now Kittenz was in heat again and sporting a swollen cheek which turned out to be an infected bite wound.   Whs clinic lanced it and she got the $15 convenia injection.

Kittenz!  Now Fixed!
So Kittenz was the 3rd of 6 fixed Monday.  The fourth was Ophelia, a Brownsville black and white semi feral, whose kittens were tame enough to hand grab and fixed last week at Heartland.  Ophelia was in heat again, but is now fixed and back home.

The last two cats fixed were both boys from Lebanon.  Sarah made a great catch when she nailed Sims, a massive Chocolate Point Siamese boy also with a bite wound slash or infection going on. Whs did their best to clean that one out too, even debriding some dead tissue and he too was a recipient of the $15 convenia injection.

Big Sims from Lebanon
I"d not gotten enough sleep Sunday night, getting the cats ready for Monday morning, taking care of mine, then knee pain.   So i began to crash mid day, worn out.  But wait, there was one more fixed Monday.....

Blinky!   Orange tabby male fixed Monday from a Lebanon trailer park.
Blinky is from the same place three of the bathroom kittens are from.  The woman trying to get the kittens said the mother would arrive with him.  She was hand grabbing the kittens instead of being smart and discreetly trapping them.  Now two are so shy, from being unsuccessfully grabbed, don't know when they'll be caught.  A trailer behind her owns Blinky and the mom too but they don't want her and she's had three litters now.  Blinky's one of hers from another litter.

They took him back at least.

You'd think I"d quit there, after short nap in the afternoon, but I was gifted more reservations for today.  I returned Blinky and Sims to Lebanon then picked up a mom and two of her kittens in Waterloo, to be fixed today and they are up being fixed today.  But that was not enough for me.

I had been dismayed to discover the blue Circle K cat was a male and not the kittens mother.  Which means she is out there, and unfixed, and now unfed because the woman in the apartments fed her despite rules against it, and got caught.  Again.  This is at least the 2nd time she has created a disaster for the cats by feeding but not fixing then getting caught and forced to stop feeding.   Suddenly the cats she's fed and allowed to breed are starving to death.   So there's no point where I can trap easily knowing she's fed there and can expect her to show up.    Last night, I again spent several uncomfortable hours trapping for her.  Without luck.  Until exhaustion drove me home.

It's super easy to put out a bowl of cheap cat food.  If you really care, you get them fixed.  If you're smart you do it too.  I mean who thinks you can feed an unfixed cat and not end up with a lot of cats?
Today after dropping the mom and kittens off to be fixed, I've done nothing else and it feels good!


  1. One day I am hoping for a post that says, 'Well, today I could not find any stray cats to be rounded up'. I should not hold my breath, should I. I agree. Cats are not birds that you may occasionally put out food for.

    1. I'd like to see that day too Andrew!

  2. I am very, very glad to hear you are finally getting a bit of down time. And, as always, thank you for all you do.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of cats you helped in such a short amount of time. You do amazing work even with a very painful knee. Are you still waiting on an appointment for that?

    1. I am still waiting, have not yet heard from physical rehab.

  4. That idiotic woman belongs in a cage. ~sigh~ Best wishes for better health, my dear. Thanks for all you do!