Sunday, April 02, 2017

Busy Weekend

Yesterday I went up to Mountain Shadows, the Sweet Home trailer park with a new owner who wants cats inside and no outside roamers, eventually.   I think they may have softened to people's own cats can be outside but only if they have a  collar and ID.  I'm not sure, yet, have only heard this from some tenants.

KATA had been called about a pregnant cat.  She told me the cat was at 303, but had not chance to go catch her.  I was worried more kittens would be born under a trailer so I went up and set traps at 303 and was dismayed to find the trailer empty.   I'd gotten a lot of cats out of that trailer that they had relinquished including lots of kittens, a couple adults and four teens.  But they wanted back the adult gray female and an adult gray male.  I loved that gray female.

To see the trailer empty put a rush of sorrow through me.

I went to talk to a neighbor who said they were arrested.   And someone came and cleaned out the trailer.

I was sad!

But KATA showed up later and called the man who called them about the pregnant cat.  Turns out it was three trailers down.  And there too, sat the gray female, formerly of 303.   We put her in a carrier while I set the trap for the pregnant cat.  Wasn't two minutes before she ran around from behind the trailer, up to the porch and was in my trap.   Vicki called the man again, who was away, and asked about the gray female, if we could take her, because I would have.  No, his son was going to keep her.  We let her back out and I took the pregnant girl home.

She was extremely pregnant!   Feral Cat Awareness Team said they'd take her.   I said "When?"  They said "How about today?"  We met in Eugene an hour and 15 minutes later.   She's down with them now, capable hands.

She won't have kittens under a trailer now.
Then after I left the trailer park, I stopped by the farm colony I feed and there was the black tux long hair male.  He's only there now and then and he badly needs fixed.  He refused all efforts however to lure him into a live trap.  I decided it was now or never.  He's partially tame.  I got to petting him and got him by the scruff, lifted him off his feet and carried him, dangling, with one hand to the trap and stuffed him in it.  He was not a happy cat.  He's been so dirty and bad looking when I've seen him lately.  He badly needs neutered!

I call him Rowdy.

This morning I went back up to Mountain Shadows.  Around one trailer, there have been a load of big males.  My goodness.  I caught two of them.   One of them is a known, lost when young from a trailer.  The woman sent me his photo, but he's kind of a big wild boy now.   I've asked her if she'll take him back, take care of him again, but I don't know if she will.

His name is Atticus

Then I caught one of the two big orange tabby males hanging out.  Wish I could have caught the other one too.

There are so many orange tabbies in that trailer park.  It's unbelievable.

I saw more familiar faces.

Both these White Boys are fixed.
This Orange Tabby Isn't fixed
This one is fixed and sporting a collar and ID!  And check out that ear tip!
Funny thing, this little mackeral tabby had this pink collar on Saturday but no collar today.  Funny thing, she is eating under a motor home, and those people, living in the trailer behind that motor home are moving out today.  Funny thing isn't it, that her collar was gone today, the day they are moving.  Think they're leaving her?  I do.
I came home with just the two boys in traps.    I had a date.  My friend Christy, from Vancouver, had lined up help with Rum and Jamaica.  She has some great rescue contacts.  They're with Second Chance Companions now.   So I came home with the boys, unloaded them and had to be on the road for King City within half hour with the girls.  I miss them already.  It was nice to see Christy again.  Thank you Christy for helping find a place for Rum and Jamaica.

Bye my blessed Rum

Bye sweet Jamaica!
Three cats left me in the last two days.  Three more big boys sit in my garage awaiting their day at the vet clinic.  Busy weekend and I'm tired.


  1. I am not surprised you are tired. I am tired reading all that you did. But you did good. Very good.
    Sadly I think you are right and little Miss used to have a pink collar will be left. Hiss and spit.

  2. I agree with Elephant's Child! I am crossing my fingers that the mackeral tabby just lost the collar. Best wishes!