Monday, March 20, 2017

The Parade That Never Ends

A parade of cats pass through my garage.

They're unfixed, yowling, scared, the boys are stinky, the girls, at this time of year, in heat or pregnant.

I try to put them at ease.  I offer them catnip and warm food.  What enemy would offer you these things?

I believe they each deserve their moment, a recognition of their life as a being on this planet.  So I photograph them and name them.  I wish them luck as they leave my care.  They will need it.

My own cats here put up with a lot.  The biggest boys' mere presence in the garage for a couple nights can set off pee marking amongst my own fixed boys.  But for the most part, they are used to it.

I don't think this parade will ever end.

We pass laws all around the real issue.  The real issue, the deepest darkest issue, is that cats need to be fixed.  So do dogs, and in this county, for sure pitbulls!  Pass that law, find a way to at least partially enforce it, and most of the others, which really are rarely enforced anyway, could be written off the books.

Nobody has the guts to confront regulating anything to do with reproduction.  Except when it comes to human females.

There's not a lot humans do that makes much sense.

Or is very efficient at solving a problem at hand.  People make money off unsolved problems you see.  Big bucks!

Today nine more cats paraded into and out of my garage, off to be fixed.  They come from three towns.

Four are from Albany.....

This monster, Goliath, is fed in a garage, and went into a trap in the night.

This little girl, Susie, was found in the parking lot of a farm store on a busy highway.

These two girls, Bear above, Rebel below, were born on a street with many many strays.  I was immediately wanting to jump into action to get the rest fixed, but they already are.  A neighbor took them in.  Relief!

Three other kitties are up being fixed from Lebanon, includnig that black tux girl, pregnant also, the sixth pregnant cat caught on that block alone.  I call her Annie.  She has had so many many litters in the past, there will be no more for her.
Kittens there are born with defects, I was warned, terrible ones, from the inbreeding and the cats if they survive, don't survive long.
Annie is done having litter after litter.  In fact, she's done with living under a house on the street and is going to the same place as Stoney, Pints and Maria.
Toulouse here is owned on that street, but free roams and is getting fixed.  Good thing.
Stinky found himself closed into a shop crammed with stuff.  Fortunately, STinky stinks to high heaven so the shop owner knew something was in there and set a trap and caught him.  I happened into Stinky's plight.  I was talking to a friend, when bored, out trapping elsewhere, and she told me a neighbor had a cat in a trap that badly needed fixed.  So Stinky is getting fixed.  But my car needs an odor overhaul after just hauling him to the clinic.
Two cats are from a Sweet Home trailer park.  Two women helped them out.

Kitty is an orange tabby girl.

Toby is a sweet gray tabby tux boy.  Both Kitty and Toby are also getting fixed.

These nine will parade back into my garage, to recuperate, then out again.  I'll clean everything up, the traps, the carriers, the bedding, the floor, to prepare for the next unfixed cat parade.


  1. You make a huge and positive difference. Thank you so much.

  2. This just breaks my heart. You are a hero to them and to people like me. Thank you.

  3. you deserve your own Parade!!
    with lots of fireworks, balloons, people, fun, food ... & a free fixing clinic ;)

  4. I understand now why you name each cat. I and all the cats thank you for your kindness and understanding about their lives.

  5. I can only second all the above remarks and say I'm glad for the rare help that does come your way. Bless you!