Monday, March 27, 2017

Success! Nine More Cats Being Fixed

Despite the hard things going on, like the new ownership at the Sweet Home trailer park and what that means for the cats there, good things are happening also.  Usually life is a mix of roses and thorns.

Keep your bandaids ready, in life, I say.

Unless you're ungrounded to earth and its troubles, you'll need them.

Warriors for all causes need them too.

The computer chair critics and loungers rarely need them.

First up, the woman for whom I'd gotten four females fixed, in a Tangent trailer park, had a couple of new arrivals.  Got them both.  Both boys, one a massive boy.  I named the black tux Falcon and the big brown tabby--Atlas.  They're up being fixed at whs.


Along with these two, another from a Halsey stable, the 2nd, is being fixed.  He's huge too.  I named him Hercules.

I'd already dropped off a Corvallis boy, Pumba, at Heartland to be fixed today.  He's black and white and owned.
Pumba, a Corvallis boy, fixed now!

That was yesterday when I was there with Lebanon Felines First volunteer Chelsea.  She'd met me there with Remi, the calico relinquished from Mountain Shadows, so she could be tested, vaccinated and chipped before she goes into foster up in Beaverton.

Remi, now with Felines First
I took Chatty Katty, the calico from the Lebanon House colony, to be tested and chipped.  Felines First is taking her also.  Probably tomorrow.

I paid up too for Juliette's chip and test.  She was formerly known as Doodle, the gray tux girl from the Lebanon House colony, who went into foster after her spay with Felines First and now I hear, has an adoption interest.

Besides Pumba, being fixed today at Heartland, I took in three girls to be fixed too.   There was Aphrodite, a gray tux from a Lebanon trailer park who didn't like the carrier and cried loudly as I drove the three boys to Salem this morning, then the girls clear back to Heartland.  That can drive a person batty fast!

And there were two roommates cats from Signs of Victory.  One had my number because she camped out in Waterloo county park for awhile and the camp host gave her a kitten born in the park.  So that kitten, Laya, is getting spayed today, although now she's a likely in heat teen.   And the woman's roommate's cat, MJ, also a gray tux, is getting fixed.
Laya, formerly a Waterloo County Park kitten

MJ, also getting spayed today
Aphrodite, will be spayed today.  I bet she's quiet under anesthesia.

I thought that was it then, when Diana called to say she'd caught another big boy at the stables.  So she came to Heartland with him.  We named him Thor and he's rather obviously related to Hercules.

Thor, being fixed today at Heartland while his relative, Hercules, is fixed up at whs
Fran, who was bringing dogs to be fixed, asked me out to breakfast in Albany.  I wouldn't pass that up.  Diana came along too!  Then I get a call.  Two ladies who work near Freddies and were feeding cats behind where they work, had caught their girl.  They'd even bought a live trap so they could set it while they're at work.   She'd been recently seen having relations with a couple of black tux long hair boys, so getting her fixed was high priority.  They did it, they caught her, but didn't know what to do after that.  I rushed her over to Heartland, who graciously agreed to spay Elsie, the late comer, also.

Elsie!  None too happy.
Elsie will be going to live with one of the feeder ladies and not going back to her free wheeling life.

So that's the crew being fixed today.  Nine of them.    Good day for Linn County cats I'd say.


  1. Wonderful news. I am very glad to hear that Elsie has a new life ahead too.

    1. Yes, she is headed to her new home tomorrow.

  2. Aphrodite may be very noisy in the car, and I remember it is the most horrible sound, but she is a nice looking cat. A few more successes for you.

    1. She's super sweet too!

  3. Getting caught up.... again. I learned to be a surgery tech at the clinic in Mexico... heck, I'd never seen testicles outside of their original package, let alone be holding them with a forceps waiting for the vet to snip them... or a uterus ready to be separated from the owner's body. What an awakening! WE did 30 dogs and cats .... sure makes me appreciate what you go through nearly every day. You're definitely my hero!

    1. Haha, you make me laugh. 30 dogs and cats is a good day! Thank you for doing that!