Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Goodbye Zoey and Cami Hits Purringtons Cat Lounge

I set and checked traps up til midnight at the 34Colony day before last.  In all I caught three more, the already fixed big Maine Coon named Handsome, by the former property occupier.  He's back with her.  Then I caught a little gray tabby girl, and finally, a huge buff orange tux boy.  Makes 19 caught there now, with at least two to go.

 The property is slowly reverting to nature, including the old farm house.  It's a pity.  They don't build them like that anymore.

The house and barn can be a little spooky at night.   My friend and I went again last night to search for possible kittens, because Specs paper work (that's the little gray tabby) was marked "postpartum".   However, "lactating" was not marked on the paperwork, so there's always a worry, when one is marked but not the other. Were there, are there kittens out there, but if so, Specs paperwork surely would have been marked "lactating".

The cats do not return there, once caught.  We were being silly here....but the house is a little on the creepy side....

I dropped off Specs and Conrad, the two I caught there, who needed fixed, and D brought up three more, two from Brownsville and one from her son in Tangent, a cat left behind by a neighbor who moved.  Her son cares for Orion now.   And now Orion is fixed ,along with the two Brownsville girls, Melody and Gracie.  One of those two was from a stables, where there are more needing fixed.
Conrad, huge buff tux male, but he turned out to be previously neutered.  He got an ear tip and updated on shots, worming and flea treatment anyway.

Specs, whose paperwork was marked "postpartum", which basically just means, she's given birth at some point, but how long ago, and she wasn't marked that she was lactating.  We searched the property for over an hour last night, looking for possible kittens and found nothing.

Orion, the Tangent trailer park boy, now fixed

Melody, a buff girl fixed, from Brownsville

Gracie was also fixed.  She too came up from Brownsville.

Off I went with those five cats, plus Zoey, who looked so small and scared in the carrier.  After leaving the five at whs to be fixed, Zoey and I went on up to Wilsonville, to meet Animal Rescue and Care Fund.  It was hard on me to say goodbye to Zoey.
Goodbye sweet wonderful Zoey
Some news on Cami, the little starving stray from the Lebanon trailer park.  Remember her?   I'd seen her following a man walking two dogs, when fixing other cats there.  She was mewing piteously and starved.   New management had decreed tenants could not feed outside cats.  I asked the man about her, and he said sadly they could no longer feed her and to take her.  I set up the drop trap and caught her.  I got Cami fixed and later she went to Karmen in Wilsonville, to settle in a bit.  Karmen then got her into Cat Adoption Team and from there, well--Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland.   A little starving stray from a Lebanon trailer park.   It's amazing and wonderful!

If you are on facebook, here is the link to her photo on Purringtons site.

Goodbye Zoey and good luck, sweetie.

Cami, you are awesome, you go girl!  And thank you to all who have helped her.

Onward we go....


  1. Not surprising that you become attached to particular cats for no real reason other that you just like them.

  2. It's so good to read such pure good news! You deserve it. Well done.