Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Warm up Today Maybe?

Today, or was it yesterday, we were supposed to warm up and get torrential rains.
But no, sadly.  Today is cold as ever.  Even freezing rain was once again predicted for the valley and Portland.  I ignored the warnings, and headed out this morning early to Salem with two cats to be fixed.

I trapped them yesterday at a Tangent trailer park.  Took all day to get the two unfixed ones, and lots of back and forths to check traps and let out Mystic, at one point, because she is already fixed.

I trapped two of the teens back in November.  They were both girls.  I named them Mystic and Flanders, but the caretaker has other names for them.

The mom cat, strangely, is a long hair Siamese.  She is gorgeous and likely once was owned.  The woman feeding her is taking her inside her house this evening, once home from the clinic, in hopes of turning her into a house cat.

I caught the final teen late in the afternoon.  She calls him Molly, but I think Molly is a boy.  So on the records I fill out for the clinic, I changed it to Mister Molly.  The Siamese is called simply Mama C.

Mama C is gorgeous!

Mister Molly.  I'm betting he's a boy!
Here are photos of the two teens I trapped and took to be fixed a couple months back.


They have grown a lot since then.

No freezing rain at least today, but the ground is still frozen and it is still cold and so far, no torrential downpours either.  It's hard to know what to expect.  Sometimes it seems like the weather people are full of drama and long for severe weather.  But then they did miss the forecast on how much snow Portland would really get last week, by about 8 inches!   So under stated forecasts and over stated forecasts have left me in a state of predicting local weather by walking outside.


  1. Weather boffins are the same the world over it seems. Ours are pretty good on predicting temperature (right to within a couple of degrees). Precipitation (which would include snow)? Epic fail. Stay safe.
    And of course I love all of the cats... Thank you.

  2. We are in a transition zone here with our weather a lot of the time. The line between wintry mix and snow goes through the area. How it will exactly fall they never know. So you could have rain, freezing rain, or snow all with a short distance from each other. That sounds like where you live.

  3. I don't really trust weather forecasting, either. Well done, once again, in helping the feline population.