Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Some Nice Kitten Updates

Winter with Tonka, his brother, in November 2015

Maybe none of you remember Winter, Tonka and Mystic.  I trapped them in November of 2015, down just off highway 34, near I5.  They were cold, wet and hungry and living in the berry vines.  I trapped their mom too and a big black male.  I had to return the mother and the male after they were fixed, because there was nowhere for them to go.   But I was determined to better the lives of the three older kittens, although taming 12 to 14 week old feral born kittens can be daunting.

Eventually all three were accepted up at Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary.  Mystic, the only girl, and Tonka, the tabby boy, soon got homes, but Winter was the wild thing, a wild boy to the core, it seemed.  Would he ever be home ready?  Well, I was just informed, Winter got a home.  Over a year later, WINTER HAS A HOME!   I was thrilled to hear the news and so happy CATS took the three in, because they gave him a chance, and he was safe in the meantime.
Winter in November 2015

Winter with Mystic, his sister back in November of 2015
Now how about this one?   Remember India's wild heathen kittens, six of them, at the county park, whom I drop trapped last fall, on the edge of the berry vines, when the little family emerged, starving and shyly begging for food, looking like refugees?  The kittens all ended up with ringworm.

My friend in Lake Oswego had her daughter pick up two of the Siamese kittens, on her way to visit her mom.   My friend Kristy fostered them, fostered them through ringworm, despite her own autoimmune illness, and fostered them well.  From starving waifs to healthy friendly highly adoptable babes!   She found both of them great homes, in the end.  Check out the boy, in his new home!

Here they are coming out just before I drop trapped them.

Five of the six kittens in one trap.

And now, look at that beautiful boy, lounging like a super star, loved and healthy!!!
India, their mom, taken just last week.  She's gone from a skinny desperate mom, to a content and healthy kitty.  Fixed and vaccinated and well fed.
It doesn't always turn out so well for kitties out there.  But it can, with some effort.  Notice them.  Help them.  Get them fixed.   That's the most important!

I love happy endings.


  1. Thank you. For the happy endings you give so many cats a chance to reach...

  2. great updates for the New year! very positive with all the nuttiness going on
    Thank you :) :)
    hope it's a little warmer there. it's been in the 20's-30's here forvever it seems. breaks my heart for the animals

    1. Been freezing here, around 20 or colder nights, difficult to trap in such weather and I feel for the animals and birds out there too.