Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fail at the County Park

I figured today, being sunny, for once, might be an opportune time to catch that last unfixed teen up at the county park.

This is her!  She has no name yet.  She's one of Mistachio's litter before last.  The other four, all boys, are fixed, as is Mistachio now too.
So I get up and take off, about 7:15 a.m.   Did I know the streets and roads would be coated in black ice?  I did not.

First indication was the slip sliding on 34th street.  But I could look to the side and see liquid water, not frozen, by the curb, so I wasn't sure what was going on.

Flat tire?  I wondered.

Then I made the right onto Waverly and there did seem to be some whiteness to the side of the street.  Ok, ice maybe.

But then, I made the left onto Seven Mile Lane, and that's when I knew for sure---black ice.   I also saw a car, laid out over on its side, about five feet down in the ditch.   Looked like such a nice car too.   I couldn't find anywhere I could turn around because I was skating now, in my car.   But then, I see my guardian angel coming up behind me.  Two piercing eyes through the fog.  A sander!

I was saved. I let the sander go by me then followed the sander.  Wow, did I luck out.  I followed the sander all the way to the highway which was previously sanded and clear.

In Lebanon, half Airport road was closed because blue pickup was nose dived into a deep ditch.  Fire, police and ambulance were all there.

I made it ok up to the county park, going slow, no braking on curves.

Then I proceeded to freeze my buttocks off, sitting in my car, drop trap set up, for ten hours.   Yes, I did say TEN hours.  I so hoped I could catch that little girl and be done with it all.   But she never went under it.  Every other cat on earth did, however.   It was high cat drama for me to watch, all day, through my car window, in my car mirrors, and sometimes their drama made me laugh.

I saw lots of cats I know very well, because I got them fixed last fall.

Here are a few!

Original Gracie and India, both girls are fixed.

Little T, one of four boys I drop trapped and got fixed not that long ago.   Miss Unfixed Muted calico is their sister. 
Cumo, another of the four fixed boy teens, Mistachio's kids.

Cumi, another of the four boys now fixed

Emmie, tame fixed girl

India again.  She was the mom of those six wild things, 3 of whom were Siamese, I caught awhile back.  They all went into foster long ago and are all long since adopted.  India is fixed.

Mistachio, mother of the five teens, and also of the three young kittens we caught after realizing she was lactating, a month or so ago.
Original Gracie with her best buddy, Simon, a regal fixed black tux male.

Fixed black male Tokyo, tries to get by Simon without incident.  Behind both boys, is a long hair black tux long ago fixed by KATA.

This is Kelly, a long hair torti who showed up roaming the park a couple months back.  She decided to free roam my car as I waited on the drop trap.  She's going to Heartland tomorrow so they can check to see if she is spayed.
After ten hours, just as it got dark, that was my best shot at her going under the drop trap.  But wouldn't you know, at that time, big huge long trailer, huge pickup pulling it, arrives at the near empty park and wouldn't you know, decides the space across from me and the drop trap will be just fine for them.   Lots of back and forth, backing that massive thing up, pulling forward, directing by others in their party, noise and I knew that was it, and gathered up my equipment, grabbed Kelly and Darkly, a tame black male who also is now in the park and needs fixed, and came on home.

Another time, we'll match up again, miss unspayed teen.

Meanwhile, the three girl kittens in the bathroom are slowly and I mean slowly coming around.

This is Rum, the first to cave to my advances with toys


  1. Good luck next time.
    And how I love that black kitteh...

    1. I want to bring black kitteh to you!

  2. Pretty good outdoor cat photos.

  3. What a shame you spent so much time and didn't achieve your goal. But to have gotten Kelly and Darkly means you didn't exactly fail. Well done. And thank you for your patient efforts. Stay safe!

    1. Yes, but its good for my character, to try so hard for so long and yet fail to catch her. Makes me grow, I hear, as a person. Lol.

    2. I hate character building events. ~grin~ Oh, well. Such is life.

  4. So, Mystery has been quite elusive. You are amazing, J. Truly. There are special things for you over that Rainbow Bridge...someday...thank you for all that you do. Hugs.

  5. I wish it had worked out better... but I bet it felt good to see all those kitties that you knew and had been instrumental in having them fixed and looking so healthy today.