Saturday, December 03, 2016

Another Trip to the Coast

I took another trip to the north coast affordable clinic on Thursday.

The night before, I attempted, starting early, to get Tweetie contained.  She is the one I felt really needed to go, as she had not seen a vet since she was a kitten and got spayed, after I caught her and over a dozen others fed over in Columbus Greens trailer park.   She'd gone home after being fixed, but then the old woman died suddenly, and I went and retrieved all the cats I'd helped her with, because the family said they'd help find them homes.  Think I ever heard from the family again?   Nope.

Think about containing your only cat to visit the vet.  Then think about trying to round up a wild kitty, in a maze of cat runs, the cat yard and house, with many other cats on the run too, now, in a panic mode.  Took me four hours. I started before dark too.

There was cursing involved, a couple of falls when I tripped over things, banging, more cursing, torn flesh (mine).

But I got both Tweetie and Nemo, Starry's brother, contained and in the car, then it was off to bed.   But the dashing around, the reaching up, the falling down, did a number on my knee and I moaned in pain two hours before finally I got up and took Aleve and got an ice pack.
Tweetie got vet care

So did Nemo!

So I wasn't my best the next morning, starting out at 4:30 a.m. for the drive.  Not only were Tweetie and Nemo along but so was county park kitten Chinook.  I'd trapped him with two others, along with Julie, of Spay Inc. ten days prior.  Julie took home all three, and suddenly brought Chinook over last Saturday morning, taped up in a small box, in a bag and handed him over.  Like a little gift bag.  It had no weight to it at all.  She said she couldn't tame him and never would be able to tame him.

I'd him a few days and the first thing I noticed was he was severely dehydrated.  He only pooped out two tiny hard rabbit pellets in those days.  I gave him sub cu fluids, nutrical, but in the end, I knew he had to see a vet or he would die.

So he was along, in the soft shell zip up carrier I'd used to tame him.

I checked in Tweetie and Nemo, then went out to get Chinook, to wait with him for the vet appointment.  No Chinook!   He's gotten out of that soft shell carrier.  Panic overtook me as I pulled up coats and blankets in the car looking.  There he was, curled up in my sweatshirt in the passenger side.  Darn cute smart little guy!
We waited for the vet appointment and he was very brave, came out of the carrier to stare down huge noisy dogs and yapping little dogs.  In the appointment room, I put him back in the carrier and said " me how you got out".   Within moments he was nosing at the corner where the two zippers converge.  Smart kitten!
Chinook, waiting with me to see the vet

In came the vet, who made a startling proposal.  She suggested I leave him there with them, at least a week.  They would care for him, handle him lots and maybe even find him someone who wanted him, but if not, I'd be called to come get him, if he was ok, in about a week's time.   I said "Thank you, I trust you."  She smiled and said "that's a good way to be, to trust people."

The cost was $30 for the office visit.   It will be another $50 if they call me to come get him.  The vet will call also if he needs expensive medical care, to check with me on it.

I wasn't getting anywhere with Chinook, in getting him to eat or poop and this was a good deal.  He was going to die if he stayed with me.  I knew that.

I'm hoping for the best.

I had a good day there.  I slept most of it, in my car, at my usual beach parking lot, and only woke up about 1:30 p.m.   With only a little over an hour before I needed to pick up Nemo and Tweetie, I decided to go over to Costco for lunch.  I get their mocha freeze and a piece of pizza.  Very affordable!

Inside, in the line, a pair of gay men began chatting with me, asked if they could come for dinner.  "Why yes," I said, "I would be honored to have dinner guests."   Then I said it would be a long drive for them, clear to Albany.  They were from Vancouver, down on the coast for the day.

A construction guy wearing carhart tan work pants that were too short and sporting a rust colored beard, pointed out I was not within the lines.  I looked down to see checkered painted lines, that were to direct we patrons, one way, then the other, back and forth until it was our turn.  He then quickly, with drama, moved back and followed between the lines back and forth, until he came back to his original spot, then grinned.  He hadn't followed the lines either.

Tweetie had 2 teeth extracted while Nemo needed 7 extracted.  Both were updated on shots and worming too.

We got home late, due to huge traffic tie ups on highway 26 and highway 217 in Portland.   I thought I'd never get out of the jam up.

None the worse for wear, however.  Good luck Chinook.  Bye bye for now.

Want to see some cat photos?

Old Lucy from the trailer park is doing well, loves to sleep nights atop me.
Gretal too, older now, is doing well.  She likes to come meow at me when the wet cat food plate is empty.  She has no teeth and while others without teeth still manage dry food, Gretal only wants wet.

How about a Miss D photo to start your day?   


  1. I'm so happy that your vet is going to give a Chinook a chance. I have been worried about him.

    1. Hope he makes it, haven't heard anything yet.

  2. Aww. Love them all. And they melt my heart too.
    Good luck to Chinook.
    And to your poor sore tired body.

    1. I'm feeling a lot better, but it does take me time to get over those trips.

  3. You are amazing. Please take care of yourself, too. I wish there were more like you. ❤

  4. I'm glad you're already feeling better. Take care of yourself. And blessings to all these darlings. It's good to know Chinook has a chance and that there are caring veterinarians out there. We have a good local clinic, I'm happy to say, though I don't know if they provide any free or discounted care. They are definitely affordable for us.

    1. He's doing good there!

  5. I can't believe that sneaky Chinook got out! What a stinker. Good vibes for him!

    1. He's doing good and what a little smarty pants kitten!

  6. Interesting account of your adventures, as always.

  7. P.S. He's a beautiful cat. I love cats whose mouths and noses protrude a little more than usual.