Monday, October 24, 2016

Sweet Little Waterloo Girl

  This is the latest little kitten from the Waterloo Residential colony.   She is darling but very shy.   Julie trapped her up there on Friday and she came here the same day.  The two Julie got from the county park went back to the camp host.  The camp host decided she wanted them back.  I have them scheduled to be fixed next week at Heartland, while this little girl will be fixed Thursday.  Her fix will cost $40.   Getting the two fixed from the county park will cost $80.  Waterloo has been expensive to "fix"!  This little girl is the 43rd cat helped at the Residential colony.
I think she is precious.

I am thinking I might name her Powder.  What do you think?  Or do you have ideas for a name?


  1. She has beautiful eyes.
    And a sweet face.

  2. Powder is good. She has terrific and expressive eyes.

  3. so sweet of you to adopt her dear.
    i think fany is a name that could be think for shy cutie

    1. I didn't adopt her, just taming her so she can be adopted, which can be heartwrenching, to then give her up to an adoption group.

  4. I like Powder. Sounds sweet like her face. I can understand why you don't do adoptions anymore after the trauma you endured previously. I'm sorry this process can be so difficult for you. You are a miracle worker, truly.