Friday, September 09, 2016

19 Linn County Cats to Portland

Long day yesterday.  I took 19 cats up to Portland, 17 of them to be fixed at the FCCO.

2 others, the Waterloo park boys Hoot and Holler, went to Animal Rescue and Care Fund.  Once again, thank you to ARCF!

The others who were fixed included the two Waterloo park girl kittens I caught in that 12 hour stint at the park a couple days ago.
One of the two park kitten girls, both still in my bathroom.

The gray tabby tux female kitten, last one caught at the park.

Those fixed included Tomtom, the gray tabby park male and Little Gracie, a gray park female.   Turned out, Little Gracie is lactating.
Tomtom, the gray tabby park male, now fixed.

Little Gracie, gray adult park female, who was lactating

I also took park cat Emmie, who can be handled by one camp host and a young male tabby, who lives under the trailer of another camp host and is one of two surviving kittens of Bootsy, a female still not caught for fixing because she has yet another young litter, about 3 weeks old, somewhere in the berry vines.
Emmie, another park girl, also lactating, now fixed.  I returned her late last night since she could recuperate inside a familiar trailer.

This little brown tabby tux male teen was fixed too and will go home today.  He's fed by a different camp host and his sister was fixed by Spay Inc. last week.  Their mother, Bootsy, a black tux, needs fixed badly but currently has a fairly new hidden litter.

The other camp host had caught another female, Gracie (as opposed to gray little Gracie), then declared she let her out only to have her come back  in with a kitten.  And promptly after that, campers found five more kittens in the berry vines behind her campsite.  So whose kittens are all these?  Hell if I know.  I'm doing the best I can out there.

This is Gracie, as opposed to Little Gracie, and currently nursing kittens from two litters, allegedly, inside a camp hosts trailer.  She still needs fixed too, along with Simon a black tux male.
Also fixed, was a gray tabby county park male teen, the brother of the girl I caught last.  He is with Spay Inc, along with 3 other county park kittens, that are not yet fixed.

I took up two tame kittens Spay Inc. has and is hoping to find homes for.  They came from an abandoned female.  His brother is black and I failed to get his photo.
I also took up seven cats from one trailer in one Sweet Home trailer park.  Due to limited reservation numbers, I took only two of four male kittens to be fixed.  So still two male kittens need fixed before handed out unfixed.

Adult black female with gray male kitten nursing.  A black male kitten was also fixed along with mom.

Another black adult female, fixed yesterday.

Lilac point teen female fixed yesterday.

Vocal brown tabby teen female fixed yesterday.

Black tux female fixed yesterday.
And lastly, I took a familiar face along to be fixed, a brown tabby on white female from another Sweet Home trailer park.  She is familiar because I took her to be fixed before.  She had on a frayed collar and was being fed on a porch.  However, turned out she was owned by people living in another trailer, who demanded I return her immediately, that she had kittens she was nursing, so I did.  Over the next month, I left notes, talked to them, and urged them to let me get her fixed and help the kittens.  They didn't.  Now they've moved.  They left her, and her four kittens, now teens, behind.  Shame on them, but she's better off!

So she and her four kittens are being cared for by the other resident and a friend of hers.  Thank goodness.  Next up will be getting the four teens fixed.

This is her, now fixed, now loved.
I returned the Spay Inc. 3, the one county park female and the 7 to the Sweet Home trailer park last night.   When I returned the seven and was leaving that trailer park, I saw a horrible sight.   Three black cats, one young, were frantically trying to tear into garbage bags looking for food.  I poured out a ton of cat food, and three young orange cats darted in literally gulping food in their hunger.

I put out three different piles and piled wet food atop the dry.  They will at least eat well one night.  I hope to find a place for some of them.  I don't know who those starving three blacks and 3 oranges are.  I will try to find out.

I started out at 6:30 a.m. and got home at 10:30 p.m.   Trip was difficult due to extreme traffic jams that created lengthy drive times.  Two hours alone to get from the clinic south to the rest area on I5, coming home.

Yikes, Portland is a congested mess.

Not a sign you want to see when you've already sat in traffic over an hour and you're only a few miles north of Wilsonville.  I cried out "Noooooo!"  when I saw it.

Well, still have to return four cats today and although the day was long, it was extremely productive.

Good luck little Hoot and Holler from the berry patch at the county park!


  1. Love the names Hoot and Holler. Yes, a long but productive day. Good work. :)

    1. It was satisfying to get so many done and boys into a great rescue.

  2. Shame on those people indeed. Which is politer than I am thinking and saying.
    And yay that the poor little girl is now free of the breeding cycle. Thank you.

    1. Well, she really is better off now. Maybe it was for the best.

  3. I am tired after reading this. You must have been exhausted. Is that the largest number you have ever taken in a day?

    1. No, not the largest, but now I'm old and it seemed very large, maybe because they were from here, there and all over and it took so long to catch some of the park cats. Exhaustion seems more psychological and what I tell myself, however.

  4. Wow! I'm glad you returned home safely.