Friday, August 19, 2016

Home Needed

I need a home.

For me!  Pool, spa, sun, ocean breeze, warm ocean, did I mention that, not the cold Oregon island would do.  Or two.

Ok, I really need a home for two kittens, the last two colony kittens, Niners and Whisper.

I'm thinking I should change Niners name to Two Spot or to Little Slinko.

Ok, This is Slinko (One Spot, a.k.a.)
And this is Niners, a.k.a. Two Spot.  But maybe Little Slinko?
Whatever you call him, he's a sweet guy, a little shy still, LOVES other cats.  And his buddy, possibly sister, more likely cousin or who knows, Whisper, needs a home too.  Today she's in a sleepy grumpy mood......and was a little miffed when I woke her for, of all things, photos.

She is not completely photogenic when suddenly roused.  Are you?
She gave me quite the scare last night.  I decided they could be in the 2nd bedroom most of the time, until I find them homes or an adoption venue.  More space to race around like normal kittens.  I carried her in, from the foster cage, which mostly is to protect them from my kitten hating adult cats, then realized there's a large gap between the door and floor.  So I left her in the 2nd bedroom, and ran outside to fix that gap temporarily by getting a bag of pellet fuel to lay in front of the door.

But when I opened the door to see how she was in the larger space, she had vanished.  Oh gosh, I worried, she'd already slipped out under the door and where was she now.  A methodical rational search deteriorated into a rather hysterical one, that included sobbing, self flagellation and some cursing.  Did I mention this was near midnight.  Did I mention it was still about 90 degrees here in Oregon.

I found her.  She had not left the 2nd bedroom.  She was nestled in beside the mattress, under something.  I took her back to the foster cage until I can fix the door gap.

Miss D is looking model beautiful lately.  Given her advanced age, somewhere over 16, I am jealous she looks so darn good.

Did I mention, despite my late night missing kitten act, Miss D clawed my face awake at 6:30 a.m. so she could have her morning cat treats.

So before you think "Ahhhh, so cute" over the above pictures, think of my scarred and bleeding sleepless face.   Ok it'd be better if you didn't.

I want out of town.  I need out of town, for even one day, one night, anything but the endless concrete and streams of cars, many pulling trailers or boats or stuffed with camping gear and happy people, or topped with bikes and kayaks that make me growl with envy.  See I'm sliding the downhill toboggan run into bitter isolated old lady.  All I need is a couple days in the woods by a lake to turn me into a grinning silly optimist again.

We're cut off here, from the mountains.  ODOT is to blame.  Ok, I could go around via another highway.   Fine.

I should do it.  Summer will soon be gone.   Then it will all be "I should have done this, or that."  Whine, whine.

In the meantime, I need to find two sweet kittens somewhere to be loved forever.


  1. My childhood memories of going on holidays in car with parents is not so happy. We would get bored and fight, parents would get grumpy and fill the car with cigarette smoke. It was probably hot too, burning our legs on vinyl seats. Miss D's eyes look very clear for her age too.

    1. I have some lousy childhood memories of car trips camping too. Fighting with siblings, mother crying, grumpy nasty behavior all around. I'd forgotten about hot vinyl seats. But thanks Andrew, now I remember, and my legs would stick to them.

    2. Rather a lot of similar memories here. Including camping beside slag heaps so my father could fossick through them. To this day I don't like camping. Or long car trips.

    3. Camping as a child memories are not pleasant for me either. Wasn't much fun. Saggy leaky canvas tent. Both parents grumpy and tired, mother usually crying. I have enjoyed camping as an adult much more.

    4. Neither is it fun to camp next to a bunch of drinkers or screaming kids.

  2. My family never went on a vacation, so no happy or unpleasant memories here. The kittens are too cute to not find a home eventually.

    1. That's too bad you had no family vacations. I think that is often the case now, with conflicting parental work schedules and kids overloaded in extra activities, although the weekend camping trips to a nearby campground are still quite common as vacations here. They are still affordable. All one needs really is a cheap Walmart tent, some blankets, a cooler for food, some wood, usually gathered free, and to pay the campground nightly fee and gas to get there. Still affordable. However, its not how most people camp anymore. They take everything but the proverbial kitchen sink. Huge RV's or trailers, pulled by huge pickups loaded down with ATV's, chairs, kayaks, bikes, you name it. They snake out their line and place their satellite dish so they can have internet and TV too. Sorry off topic but its a pet peeve of mine---the cush campers I call them. Mostly we went camping if my parents took time off from work. My mother worked at my fathers office so there were not conflicting work schedules.

  3. Best wishes to these beautiful darlings! I'm sorry for your scare. I've been there a few times, myself. And Miss D does look beautiful! Too bad cats don't respect our need for sleep, though.

    The comments about bad memories inspires me to say how blessed I've been with a lot of good ones. I am glad my childhood home is being sold soon, though. What a dinosaur for my invalid mother and (fortunately hale) father. And I sure wanted to be out of their during some rough teen years. I was thrilled at age 20 to move hundreds of miles away. Ironically the old homestead just had to see me off with one last kick to the backside. I backed into a car parked at the end of that driveway the day before Dad's scheduled auction. ~rolls eyes~ It was the exact same thing my mother did thirty or more years ago. What can you do? Thank heaven we have good car insurance.

    Best wishes, my dear! I'd love to join you on that island, by the way.

    1. Oh gosh, that's one of those stories. Was your car or the other, damaged badly? I have just liability insurance. If I hit someone, only the other person is covered. If someone hits me, if they have insurance, the car, due to age, would be totaled, with any damage. Then the insurance company of the other driver would fight to give the lowest possible value, to get an equal value car. So if someone hits you and your car is older, you get screwed and end up walking.