Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Mat Cat

I was back at the trailer park last night.  Some good it did.  Caught only one boy kitty in a trap.  But then went to a trailer where I'd seen an old gal outside on the porch.  I'd talked to the woman who really wanted someone to take her or find a way to get her euthanized, as her mats seemed insurmountable the woman had no money.  I gave her the number for a cat adoption group but don't know if she ever called.

That was two weeks ago I think.  When I saw her there again, I couldn't leave her like that and got permission from one of the two women in the trailer to take her.  She also handed me a young brown tabby tux unfixed male, to be fixed.

The mat cat began purring the moment she was in my arms and never really stopped.  She was head to tail mats and could not even lower her head or turn it due to a massive mat that nearly ringed her neck and throat.

I worked on her with scissors in the bathroom for two hours, but had to get to bed finally.

  There were huge piles of hair in the bathroom, as I worked.  I got many off her neck and back but then gave up.  This morning, worried for her, unable to penetrate the armor of mat all over her belly and chest, I called out for help online.  Just as I was messaging a skilled Lebanon groomer/rescuer, (Affordable Dog Grooming) she was offering help in fb comments.  Meant to be!

So I took her over today and she will foster her also, for Felines First, and even though Pepper is old, we hope Pepper, that's her name now, will be considered by someone.   She quickly rubbed her head against C's dogs too, like she loved them!  This is a wonderful cat.

And....look at her now....

Pepper is worn out, but C reported she is still purring.  One grateful kitty, no longer living on a porch with those horrid mats.

I'll start a fundraiser for her soon.  She will go with me June 1 to get a dental, bloodwork, rabies, droncit and ear clean.  That has to happen before she is officially up for adoption through Felines First rescue.

Guess I'm picking up about six more trailer park cats in the morning, for fixing Thursday.  That will make 8 to be fixed from there, plus an Albany cat is going too.

Onward and forward!


  1. The matting must be really awful for the cats. I didn't know it could become so bad.

  2. I cried when I read this. We went through this with one rescue, Chanel. She was feral; one of a long line of our ferals. It took forever to get rid of her mats. I ended up peeling her fur off of her, in sheets. It was so odd. When it all grew back, she was one of the most beautiful girls! She lived to be 14, ultimately succumbing to brain cancer. You make a difference, my friend. HUGS!

    1. Oh my, mats are so painful to a cat, glad you were able to get them off your rescue. I go through it with Angel, one of the rescues here, abandoned in a cemetery. I trim her 3 times per year at least. She, like Pepper, have a very fine undercoat. Angel runs circles once clipped. And Pepper must feel so good now.

  3. Poor Pepper. Lucky Pepper. Of course she purred when help came her way...

  4. Oh, Pepper looks so content now. Just wait until she gets the rest of the care she needs. Now I want her and Lucy to go to the same home.

  5. Best wishes to Pepper! I hope she gets a lovely and well deserved home. She reminds me of my Tilly, who we shave about three times a year as I may have mentioned before. She's almost due, in fact, before "dreadlocks" start forming. And best wishes to you, as well!