Friday, May 13, 2016

Nine More Fixed at the FCCO--A Better Trailer Park

First off, I'll say Pepper scored big time.  Chelsea of Affordable Dog Grooming in Lebanon took over when I could not free Pepper of her mats and got it done!  Now she's fostering her through Felines First and Pepper is loving it!  In heaven!

Next up, the gray girl, relinquished at the trailer park, is now in the capable hands of Heartland Humane.  Let's hope she finds a great home.  I am not sure what they have named her, but she is darling, Russian Blue, with that squarish wide eyed face going on.

This is her
Lastly, I took nine other trailer park cats up to be fixed yesterday at the FCCO.  Three girls and six boys.  I'll return all 9 this morning, after I get going here, have some coffee.

I'd like to beg people don't move to Oregon.  The traffic is HORRIBLE.  It can take hours to get from Wilsonville north into Portland on I5, even during the day as I found out yesterday.  Too many people moving here.  It's a nightmare.

I5 bumper to bumper standstill, near Portland. It's routine.

You often just sit, or move a few inches, then sit again.

Brown tabby tux boy, from the trailer park, fixed yesterday.  The people who feed him say he was dropped off and wanted me to find him a place but for now he will have to go back.  They also feed a dropped off young black tux probably pregnant female, whom I still need to get contained and fixed.

This guy was fixed yesterday and has a lookalike who also needs caught and fixed.
This sweet tabby girl was one of four from one trailer who were fixed yesterday.  She has a black male still needing fixed.

Young tabby female fixed now.

Delightful young Lynx Point male fixed yesterday.

Good looking big orange guy, fixed yesterday.
The last three are fed around another trailer.  There are more to catch there.  One of the boys, Buster, came with the trailer, she said, was abandoned by the people who used to live there.  There's another such cat, a torti, who sticks to the trailer where she once was owned.  Others feed her.  She is fixed
Buster, the "Comes with the Trailer" tabby on white male fixed yesterday.

One of two big black males who hang out around the trailer, probably to impregnate.  They, along with a brown tabby manx male, a white male and a mackeral tabby gray male, were chasing this poor young mostly white, but with some tabby markings female around relentlessly, so more work to do there.  At least Buster and this big guy are fixed now.

Young Mackerel Tabby on white female fixed yesterday.

So that was my day yesterday.  Taking them all up to Portland then hanging out there while they were fixed.  I napped in the clinic parking lot to be awakened by a tapping on my window.  A clinic employee brought me out some cold water, a couple of tangerines, which were so good, and a granola bar.

It was a good day for cats in general but in particular, for the trailer park cats.  Life is getting better there for them, although there is a lot more to do.


  1. What precious photos! I'm so impressed by all you accomplished. What a shame about the traffic and what I've learned about rising costs of living there. Otherwise, it's really nice to read that someone did you a good turn for a change. Bless you, my dear.

    1. Thanks Darla. The cost of living in Oregon is 2nd only to Hawaii now. It's very difficult on the low income, the rising costs.

    2. Holy cow! That's stunning. ~shakes head~ I wish you all the best, my dear.

  2. Bless your heart, Strayer. You are so awesome. HUGS!

  3. Yay for a much better (and still very, very productive) day.

  4. Such a beautiful Lynx Point! I'm glad for the kindness you were shown. Oh, but what a horrible drive!