Thursday, May 19, 2016

13 More Cats to the FCCO

The Happy Cat Club---Creating Peace Through Surgical Procedure.

I'm cracking myself up, still brain dead exhausted, which makes me giggle.  I've created a whole lot of peace the last month at that trailer park.  Best way to do it, is drop the protest signs and neuter some cats.  Or some people maybe?

I'm a peace activist really.

The trailer park may soon lose its scent of unfixed male spray.  I can only hope.

Not yet....but getting there.

I took 13 more cats up to the FCCO yesterday to be fixed.  12 of those were from the trailer park and two of those, after they were fixed, went to a Wilsonville rescue to be fostered until adoption with another group.

The two relinquished were from the gray cat trailer.  They had said they would have their two remaining boy cats, whom they didn't want, ready for me Tuesday when I arrived to trap.  Did they?  No.  And the guy casually says "well there are four more, and we don't want any of three teens."  My jaw dropped.  How could you not mention you still have four more unfixed cats.   They had not been contained and I was there til 11:00 p.m. Tuesday trapping 3 of the four, even though they could have picked them up.  Go figure.

Gray tabby teen girl, from gray cat trailer, fixed then off to foster

Relinquished gray teen boy, from gray cat trailer, fixed, and off to foster with his sis

Adult gray male, fixed and returned to gray cat trailer
When I was waiting around, with a drop trap set in the back at another trailer, the caregiver for yet another trailer stopped to chat and said her boss had an unfixed teen girl.  She was just a couple trailers down.  She too went to be fixed as she was getting out and the park is full of every unfixed male in Sweet Home, I swear, on the make.

Teen torti fixed yesterday from trailer park.
I went after the teen rape gang, as I call them.  I had identified no less than 8 big males after one little teen, who couldn't sleep or eat and ran all the time to escape them.  I caught her and five of the teen rape gang.

This is one of two tiny teen girls the rape gang had been after.  She's now fixed and so are both her sisters.

This is her sister, who was fixed yesterday too.  The third sister was fixed last time I went up.
This was going on in the back yard, face off between the big white male and a gray tabby male.
That face off ended up this way:
And also fixed!
Residents were happy the big white male was caught for fixing.  So was I. Until I turned around to the drop trap, and there's another big white male eating under it.  And so......
Whitey Number Two was also fixed yesterday.
Curiosity Gets you neutered, buddy!
And neutered he was yesterday.
Mr. Lilac Got Neutered also
But not this guy and he badly needs neutered.  Neither did I catch a second huge black male (first one was done last time) or the massive brown tabby manx male.
Here's what the car looks like as I was about to leave for the clinic yesterday.
Road trip with Cats!

Today I returned all 13 cats.  Did I mention, number 13, the lucky one, trapped in Lebanon, turned out to be an already spayed female.  She got her ear tipped though, so nobody will wonder again, and vaccinations updated.

Of course, even though the cats are returned, the work isn't done.  Laundry, cleaning.....I want to sleep!!

Cage covers and bedding, ready to wash and not particularly good smelling.

The trap and carrier cleaning begins!
After which may come heavy drinking and snoozing......interrupted by occasional loud swearing.


  1. Yay you.
    Definitely some people neutering would improve things.
    And what is it about male cat pee? An odour which is stronger than believable...

    1. Probably so, EC! Gosh darn male cat pee can melt my face, I swear. Can be used to dissolve rust, will melt through steel, and even disable Superman (and Superwoman). I have to stuff my nose with Vick's Vapor Rub to drive these big guys to Portland to be fixed but my eyes still water like crazy.

  2. Holy cow! You never cease to amaze and inspire me. I hope you've gotten some rest, my dear. You deserve it.

    1. Well, pour yourself a drink and put your feet up. :) Bless you for all you do.

  3. You, my friend, are an amazing force. I believe in karma. You are a powerful force. Bless your heart. These cats will be so much better now...because of YOU. Thank you. Hugs.

  4. You crack me up too with your new slogan. :) Enjoy a well deserved rest. What a haul you had!

  5. Goodness, I am glad you use your energy and skill for good purposes and not bad. Note to male cats: She will get you.