Thursday, April 28, 2016


There has been lots of change on the cul de sac.  The empty house at the end finally went up for sale and within a few months sold.  I don't know who moved in.

The renters up near the cross street moved out, and within a few months, another family related to the owner moved in.  I don't know them and haven't met them.

The renters at another house down near the end suddenly moved out.   Then the house went up for sale.  Today the realtor selling it parked across from my house and an inspection guy in front of mine as I was checking the heat pump, since the 2nd opinion company is supposed to come today.

I chatted with her briefly and wanted to ask if she knew anything about Jack's house when it might go up for sale.  I told her its a very cute house if it gets cleaned up and how much I hoped a cat lover would move in.  She said it could be years before it does but she doesn't know what its status is.   She said a couple had already made an offer on the house at the end, and that they met with the neighbors who are quite picky about things, and they seem to get along so it should be ok if the couple who made the offer buy it.

Maybe there will be peace down there now.

She asked if I enjoyed living on the cul de sac and I didn't know what to say.  It's always better to say very little, I've found out.  So I just said there should have been a manual on how to get along on a dead end street.  I didn't say its like a little inbred community. I didn't say I don't fit in here at all or how I've been the loneliest I've ever been living here.  I didn't say the neighbor next to me threatened me and that I live in fear of her. I didn't mention the two big dogs that have free roamed the block and charged me for years.

All I said was that I had liked Jack very much and wish he were still living and in the house next door.

If that house at the end sells Jack's house will be the only empty house on the block although the contractors house is up for sale.  They're moving to a county location where he has more space for his equipment.  It's a really nice house.

Change can be good or bad.   We shall see.


  1. It would be a boring world without change. You might get lucky with neighbours.

    1. You are right, I might luck out with new neighbors. I guess I didn't make that point very well in the post, but that's what I meant. You knew it!