Thursday, February 18, 2016

Photo Day

The maple thinks spring is here.  It isn't.

Unless spring means even more rain.

I was fooled too, briefly, yesterday, and went out to trim the Butterfly Bush, where it drifts over the fence into the yard of my deceased neighbor.  That house will sell at some point, if it doesn't rot to death first.  So better now than later, to trim the bush.  There was sun.  I saw it I swear.  That's when I got out the little handsaw and my gloves and went to work sawing off the offending straying branches.

The birds were angry.  Very angry over it.  That's their bush, not mine.  I do understand that.  But, I reasoned with them, aloud, this must be done, as the chirping grew louder and harsher and I remembered sleepless nights as a child after sneaking a watch of Hitchcock's The Birds.

Then the wind whipped up, skies darkened, and rain unleashed itself upon me and my butterfly bush branches, now strewn across yard and driveway.  I left them.  Why wouldn't I?  Too blustery and wet to chase them down to cut them up.  The birds love them left as is, on the ground, making more perches and hide outs and they chirped happily to one another over this turn.

The sun was out, and this proves it.  That is sun glare off those butterfly bush leaves. See?  I told you.  

The three old river cats who lived the longest are Scratch, Halfnhalf and my dear old Vision.  Only Vision is still alive of the three.  Scratch and Halfie, who had been adopted by a friend long long ago, both died at 19 years of age.  I took photos of them in their last couple years of life, and recently gave my friend a picture of each in a small frame.  Here are those photos.

River Cat HalfnHalf

Dear dear river cat Scratch
Want to see Vision?  I made her up as a ghostie.  She's still doing ok.

Vision, photo is doctored.  She's not a ghost yet.  I have a long list of people I truly want haunted to give her, if she's into it, when she goes.  I try that with all the old ones.  

Ever take up a free offer, like you get a service free for a month, but you forget you did it and forget to cancel and they don't tell you the free time is up and suddenly you get this huge bill?

I had a moment in January, bored, no TV reception, and trying to find something to watch, I remembered my brother saying something about The Man in the High Tower series somewhere. I tried looking it up and it was just on Amazon, but expensive.  Then up pops a window "Try Prime for One Month Free" and I must have been nuts, I clicked it.  But I had me a couple of nights, binge watching the first season of that series.  Wasn't that good to be honest.  It plodded.  The entire season could have easily been covered in one episode, in my opinion.  And then I forgot about the one month trial and don't recall getting an email reminder it'd be up.

Until the bill came today and panic hit me and I couldn't get to my computer fast enough, heart racing, to cancel prime.  $100 a year. Golly gee.  No way.  What was I thinking to think I'd remember to cancel.   Well the damage isn't too bad, since I"m just four days over the free month.  I'll get refunded most back.  Whew!

If you want to watch a twisted series, filmed in Oregon, too, somehow appropriate, watch Bates Motel.  OMG, I loved that.  3 seasons out so far.  Well acted.  Lots of tongue in cheek.

The series is the prequel to the famous sicko slasher movie of yore (got to use "yore" again) Psycho.  Norman is a troubled teen living with troubled mom Norma.  Yup.  Norma and Norman.   But its not just them troubled.  Everyone in the series is seriously messed up and depressed and longing for something more, family, love, acceptance, but their childhoods, all of them, make them messed up adults.  It works.  There are no definite crazy/not crazy lines here.  More like grades of twisted.  The town gets its money from growing and running dope.  Just like Oregon towns now.  The new Norma/Norman normal.


  1. What a brilliant idea. Anyone who was haunted by a cat would know it.

  2. I can see the sunlight in the photos. We seem to be having the coldest summer ever and I rather like it like that. It is reasonable to only charge you a little bit for your oversight. Good on the company. I learnt many years that on the net no good can come from giving your credit card details for a freebie.

    1. Yes, it was good they charged me only a few dollars. I should never have done it to begin with.

  3. I've never heard of the series, "Bates Motel". What channel is it on?

    1. I saw it via netflix, not sure if its their series or they bought it off some other network. but that is where I saw it.

    2. We don't have Netflix, but there are plenty of other things to watch on the other things we do have.

  4. I've never felt "connected" to anyone who has passed (well, maybe once).... but damn! I think being haunted by a cat would be the ultimate horror! They do enough spooky things when they live with you (or... I should say... you live with them)

    1. You want me to put you on Visions "to haunt" list, so you can find out first hand what its like to be haunted by a cat? If you offer her chicken, probably you'd be left alone.