Friday, February 12, 2016

Day Four--No Sign of Problem

Although distemper's typical incubation is 2 to 10 days after exposure, the most common incubation is 3 to 5 days.  It's been four days now, since the female with distemper was in my bathroom.

That only counts for initial contact.  Doesn't mean a cat still can't get it, from secondary surfaces where the virus can live up to a year if not killed.

But no problems here thus far and by now, the vaccines I bought would be kicking in protection anyhow.  I was only able to buy 10 of those intra ocular intra nasal vaccines, due to cost.  Also, I can only use them on the tame cats I can handle.

All my cats have been vaccinated at least once.  Some of the ferals have had just one, but only two of them.  I intend to try to net them today.  I give them injectible vaccines.  Through a fishing net.  I even clip the long hair feral, handling the cat with a net.   I discovered how useful fish nets are in handling cats a long time ago.  My nets are homemade because I don't like the stiff plastic netting mostly sold now.  I like cotton.

Miss Daisy naps
Clorox, My New Bestie
Clorox though stinkie is the cheapest most effective way to kill the distemper virus.  For an entire day, my bathroom was too toxic with clorox to enter without a face mask.

Char, who over-nighted in my car with Barney, (distemper afflicted kitty) the night before surgery, although he was in a covered trap and she in a carrier, did not get distemper and is now up for adoption at Heartland Humane in Corvallis.  He is a beautiful boy.

That's it for today.  The cleaning, loss of Barney, even though I didn't know her, the stress afterwards and worry, along with sadness over a phone call, left me worn out and in hide out mode.

The phone call was about a woman I'd helped years ago get cats she fed fixed, who had to move, and left them.  The call was from a neighbor across from her, who wanted the survivors removed, by me.  She will not even feed them, says her boyfriend won't let her.   It's her house though.  I said "So there's no one on the block with a big enough heart to help them out?"  (was not happy)  She won't even watch to see how many there are, living right across the street.  House has been sold now, in the hands of house flippers.   The woman moved over two months ago.   It breaks my fricking heart.  Does no one care anymore.  This brutal phone call coupled with what happened to Barney and the financial woes it also put me through was too much.

At last, the final holdouts at Malheur Wildlife Refuge have been arrested.  It was a circus down there, with people holding signs.  One lady held a sign that said "I'm not ISIS, I'm Honey Bear".   I have no idea what that meant.   She must have.  Another guy complete with three day beard, dressed in wannabe military garb, posed like a model with a flag in the back of a pickup.    He wore it well, but seemed more interested in looking good than anything else.  Mission accomplished!

I was labeled a mental case for years.   But....we witnessed a new breed of crazy in Oregon this winter.   Most of it migrated in from elsewhere too.  I still don't know why they settled here.  They now occupy a different federal facility.

And now there's this.  And it is funny!


  1. Love the video and am impressed by your big heart for animals. Hate that most people so easily ignore their suffering.

    1. Thank you Cranky! Means a lot!

  2. That video is hilarious.... almost wished we'd been volunteering there during the fracas. Oh well... Really glad to hear that it appears you've kept distemper at bay.

    1. It is funny! You would have made a difference if you'd been there. And I would have loved to see you in the constant often whining live feed, provided through one of the militants.

  3. Loved the video too.
    And am so glad to hear the news on the home front. Cranky is right about the size of your heart too.

    1. Yes, now that the tension is over, its nice humor is taking its place.

  4. I hope to continue to hear more good news about your cats. Never thought about using a fish net for cat handling. I'll have to remember that.