Monday, January 25, 2016

Boys! Boys! Boys!

It's that time of year.  Females are going into heat.  And the boys just want to fight and well, you know.....

The urge to reproduce, continue the species.   Only there are already far too many felines.   And the boys, when they fight, get and spread terrible diseases, like Feline Aids.

I came home the other day and there are two unfixed males facing off in my driveway.  It was embarrassing.  One was this guy, who is on the apartment complex hit list because he spray marks there....

He was facing off and going at it with a short hair black male I'd never seen before.

Gosh darn.

I loaned a trap to some folks feeding another big tabby male, not far from where we just caught Nothobbs to be fixed.  I thought maybe it would be Nothobbs, because you know how cats are.  They can claim several homes as theirs and we people get huffed up to find out our cat, even our stray, has many other people.

They caught the big boy this morning and it is not Nothobbs.  He's darn beautiful and will be fixed on Thursday.
I don't think he has a name. Maybe we should call him NOTnothobbs.

Maybe I'll luck out and catch one of the two latest big boys haunting my yard and spraying down my fence, making Sam crazy again.

Fix your boys, people!  Please!


  1. I'm glad you caught at least one of those boys who was doing just what comes naturally.

    1. Yes, he was doing what comes naturally and fortunately some natural instincts have surgical solutions. Bwa ha ha.

  2. The cat fights are starting here, too. My friend, Memo, asked another friend to lend him his "havahart" trap to capture the lovesick male that's been courting his (too young) female kitten. The kitten will need spayed... but was a throw-away, undernourished kitty, and is way too tiny for her real age. Damned hormones... even in cats! Seems like it's the same whether in Oregon or Mexico....

    1. I hope Memo is going to fix that lovesick male. Nothing like a snip snip and pretty soon that hormone driven male will be reading books and solving world problems. Cracking myself up again.