Thursday, December 10, 2015

Warm Rain Beats Out Cold Rain!

The monsoons have ended.  In their place, really cold rain, lightning, even a tornado going through Battle Ground, Washington.  Oh, let's not forget the wind continues.

The warm rain was doable.  I could be out in it without a coat on.  I'd get wet, but I wasn't cold.  But we're back to the usual cold downpours today, with thunderstorms, due to that the cold and warm fronts don't mix well.

Despite this, I trapped for a huge honking black tux, I ran into last night, as I came out of the house, late, and he was coming up the driveway.  He sat there, watching me, and me him.  I tip toed back inside, trap set.

But I think he might be one I got fixed years ago.  This guy:

Not sure though.

I resigned myself to a long night of checking the trap.  But just before midnight, I heard it clang shut and ran out and there, inside it, was WhiteFace.

WhiteFace is massive with a sweet little boy voice.   I got him fixed years ago too.   Today I drove by the house where I've oft seen him lounging and to my dismay, it looks like they may be moving out.  I hope not, but if they are, and WhiteFace belongs there, which I think he does, I hope they don't leave him behind.  Below is WhiteFace, taken when I trapped him years ago, to be fixed.

I didn't reset the trap.  By then, the weather had turned foul, with huge drops that made splats when they hit.

This morning, I drove two Lebanon cats to be fixed at Heartland, courtesy of The Happy Cat Club.  Cost:  $80.  Worth it?  YES.

Lebanon boy Tank, getting fixed today,

Lebanon boy Bubba, just prior to his neuter
Lately, I have been blessed by Amazon boxes at my door.   I got this from my Canada cat loving friend.

A few days later, I received five more bags of treats from her, for Miss D and the cats here.  They MUST have their treats.

Then I get, mysteriously, two bags of Friskies dry food, no note inside, delivered via Amazon.  And today, five 12-can boxes of Nine Lives wet food.

Secret Santa out there, helping us out here, THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

We needed cat food.  I feed a lot of cats currently, or provide them food through their caretakers.   Lots of cats.  And to get boxes delivered, makes me jump up and down, which causes the cats to look around furtively, then they start running the cat runs, then others join in, until the entire herd is running for the cat doors out into the runs and cat yard, where they peek out and stare back towards the house suspiciously and at me, to see what in the world their crazy caretaker is doing.  Ha ha ha.

I hope we don't get a tornado here.  But if we do, I'll try to get a photo.


  1. No, tornado pictures please. That's too dangerous.

    1. I was joking really, but....that said....a distant twister, I'd probably take a photo, but not one up close or bearing down. I'd be turning tail and finding a hole.

  2. Can you e-mail me your mailing address?

  3. Hooray for treats. For the furs, and you.

  4. You don't normally get tornadoes, do you?

    1. No, so the EF1 up in WA is a big deal, a novelty. We had one a couple years ago, north of Albany, in Aumsville, destroyed quite a few buildings. But its extremely rare here.

  5. There's no more drought talk here. Portland is going to reach 10 inches of rain in December, which has never ever happened before. We are supposed to get several feet of mountain snow the next few days. All should be good water wise next spring and summer. A relief.

  6. Merry Christmas, indeed. How nice to get some much needed food and treats. Be safe, my dear.