Friday, December 04, 2015

Leaning Tree

We've been having high wind and lots of rain here.  I don't park in my driveway when such events happen, because so many branches have cracked and fallen from the maple.

But it wasn't my tree in trouble this morning, when I woke up and went outside.  It was one behind a duplex beyond the dead neighbors house and his neighbors house.

The top of the tree is sagging badly.  I can see the top bobbing slowly from my place.  I wonder if it will last the day.


  1. It is a nice change that the trouble ISN'T at your house. I hope a precedent has been set.
    That said, I do love trees and mourn when they die.

  2. What's that song? "Strong enough to bend." I hope that's all this tree is doing.

    1. Let's hope so. A flock of birds landed on it. As it began to bend and bob badly from their weight, they took off. It was funny to watch. the top of another large branch from that tree has already broken off, one just below the currently bent one. At least I have something to go check in the mornings.