Friday, November 27, 2015


I milked this holiday for all it was worth!

First, last Sunday, I went up to Portland for lunch with my older brother and his wife, who is an outstanding chef.  Enjoyed a very healthy salad as main dish with roasted vegetables in it along with kale, nuts and seeds.  It was so delicious I thought about it for days after.   It was also very good to see them.  They were off to Idaho for the holiday, to be with her parents.

Then my younger brother, his wife and son stopped on their way north to spend the holiday with my brother's adult daughter, in Washington.  It had to be a quick breakfast since I had an appointment but I got to see them for almost an hour.

Yesterday, I first went to visit a friend and her husband a few blocks away then went out for dinner beyond Philomath, to a gorgeous location out in the hills.  The house is high up a hill and overlooks the valley and mountains to the west.
I don't know why I took a picture of this, along the road.

The day was cold but sunny here. 

The food and company were great.  Thanks for inviting me Dianna!

I was home by 7:00.  I trapped a huge Lynx Point Himalayan in my yard, number 54 unfixed cat to roam through since moving here.  I wasn't really trapping for him.  I'd seen another cat I didn't know, sides stuck out so far I thought "fat or pregnant" and the latter worried me enough to set a trap.  But instead of that cat, I caught this boy.  And he's not happy.  There's not a tame hair on his body.

He is the 3rd Lynx Point male I've trapped in my yard.  Backyard breeder nearby?  All have been wild.  However, he sure looks a lot like the little Lynx Point girl kitten I trapped a couple months back in that parking lot a few blocks from here.  Her Daddy, I'd guess.   Holding him has not been fun.  He tears up the cage each night.  I transferred him from my small, but completely comfortable for one cat, cage, to an ultra large cage, built a carpeted shelf for it too, since I can't get him fixed til Monday.  Still he's unhappy.  I tell him how cold it is outside nights that he's lucky to be inside and warm, but he remains unimpressed.  I will be SO happy to get him neutered and released.

The kittens are still here.  So far no home interest in them.  I keep working at getting them tame, but I really need other people to handle them also.

I got this in the mail, from my Canada cat loving friend.....Awesome eh?  And the box is now a play toy for the kittens!

Miss D, self satisfied and nobody better mess with MY cat treats!
Speaking of whom.......

Brambles LOVES kittens.

Which gray long hair is this?  Bluebell of course!

Gracie bored with the cold weather outside. 
Catching morning rays on a cold winters day

Oci remains unimpressed with me and all I do for her.


  1. I'm thrilled that you had such a nice holiday. You deserve all the best. Best wishes on getting Mr. Grumpy through the weekend before you can get him fixed.

    1. I've tried everything with Mr. Grumps. The only thing that works for awhile is drugs (catnip), so he's getting plenty of drug induced attitude adjustment. Home grown too!

    2. Yes, had a great holiday, saw lots of wonderful people.

    3. I'm glad he enjoys the catnip. I've heard that not all cats reap the benefits. Our three always did, at least to some extent. Luna used to get so high that she would lie on her back and hook her *rear* claws into the carpet beside her head (!) and bat at the infused toy. Really miss that girl and wish I'd gotten a photo of that. Somehow, I never thought to grab the camera before the 'nip.

    4. Yes, I know some don't like it as much. Buffy goes nuts with it, totally insane. Miss D isn't into so much.

  2. You have been very social. I never mind cold and sunny weather. The air feels so clean and health giving.

    1. Yes, abnormal for me to see so many people. Maybe I am turning into a social butterfly type. I love the cold winter air!

  3. How lovely that you had such a nice time. I hope it sets a precedent.
    That salad sounds really good.
    And good luck with the grumpy one. He will be better off, and will probably never realise that he should be thanking you. So I will on his behalf.

    1. Thanks for thanking me for him, because no, he is not going to be doing that. I even went and got a cheapo on sale black Friday space heater to put outside the cage to keep him toasty. On now, and still he is hissing. So I heated up some tuna and put it on the plate (he's not eating much) and so far, still hissing and not going for it. I'll leave him alone to his heat and warmed tuna and hope.