Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lucky Lucky Me

All over the news these days, are stories of the drastic rent increases going on in the state, particularly in the Portland area counties, but they're rising here also.

I feel for the low wage workers, seniors and the disabled being displaced with nowhere to go where they can afford to live.

I have been one of those people, but it was here in the valley it happened to me, when I got evicted from the slum shack in Corvallis, the town where I'd lived almost all my life.  Corvallis had seen an influx of renters.  There was nowhere for me to go or rent on my low income.  I braced for homelessness.  It's not a good life, for a woman alone.

Been there before.  It's dangerous and awful.  You become on a par, in society's vision, with a destructive insect.

It's how I came to have great empathy for throw away homeless cats.  They have no value in our world if they are not attached to a home.  So we lived together along the river, the throw away cats and throw away me.

But this time when I lost my slum, my brothers came through for me.  I wanted to stay in Corvallis because I'd lived there all my life, but there was nothing available at all.  And I came to live here.  I love this place with all my heart.

Seeing more stories of the ever increasing rent rates in the Portland area, and about displaced people, seniors, the disabled, low wage workers, brings back the pangs within me of what I felt back then.   And also waves of gratitude, that I have a roof over my head and heat and running water.  All thanks to my brothers.  Where would I be without them?   I can't even go there in my mind.

I have a new mattress now too.  I slept on it last night.

I don't recall the night at all.  Must be a good mattress.  Most of the cats were cynical and deeply suspicious of these changes.  Only Miss Daisy joined me on the new mattress on the new frame last night.  I imagined I was in a luxury five star hotel.   The only thing missing was breakfast, of very fine French pastries and coffee, served me in bed this morning by a smartly dressed young man with a silver tray.

"Would you care for a dash of cream, Madam?"

"Yes, thank you, and could you bring me a tray of chocolates?"

"Of course, Madam.  I beg your forgiveness that I did not bring the chocolates first."

"Well, I may forgive you that transgression if the chocolates are very delicious and include dark chocolate dipped strawberries.  Bring them now and whenever I ring my golden bell!"

Ha ha ha.  Making myself laugh at myself.

New Mattress on New Bed Frame.  Lucky lucky me!

Yesterday, after catching my thumb nail repeatedly, the part still attached of the torn area, I had to buck up and finish the removal.  I looked away and thought of something else, as I tore off the loose piece.


  1. Your new bed looks very nice. I just bought a very similar-looking bed covering.

  2. Hooray for your new five star (at least) luxury. And a good night's sleep.
    Smiling at your chocolate order.
    The throw-away society does my head in. We throw away so much, and so many people, who are valuable. I am glad that your brothers came to the rescue.

    1. We do throw away a lot of people, and animals.

  3. We say at times after a really good sleep, I slept the sleep of the innocent. That sounds like you.

  4. You have a remarkable story and the world is richer than you are in it. Sweet dreams again tonight.