Monday, September 14, 2015

Donations In. Donations Out.

Cold today, here in Oregon, air has a wet feel, although there's been no rain yet.

My heart goes out to those losing their homes and everything to wildfires in California the last few days.

Brutal year for fire in the west.

I received another donation through The Happy Cat Club, my nonprofit, specifically to help those helping lots of community cats through fostering.  I then went out and spent it.

Bought 10 jugs of Costco litter; 5 48-can cases Friskies wet food; 3 Costco gift cards they can use to buy gas, to transport cats and kittens, 2 for $40 and one for $20 and per one bottle feeding foster mom's request, 20 cans of Royal Canin BabyCat.  She says its fine texture helps in transitioning them off the bottle.

Will deliver tonight.  These are KATA foster people but I help them as individuals through the donations, since that is part of The Happy Cat Club's mission.

Really happy to be able to purchase these items with that donation that came in specifically for this purpose.  

Many of you might wonder, why didn't I keep it for my cats.  Good question.  The answer is when someone donates on one of my specific crusades to help a certain cat or certain people, like fosterers, then by golly that money goes to exactly where whomever donates wants it spent.  

And look what I got anyhow, from my British Columbia cat loving supporter!  Was on my doorstep!

Some goes out, some comes in.  All good in the end I'd say.  Evens out.

I've got some great books right now, too, that someone gave me from their already read pile.  Cold damp evenings, with darkness falling early and a good book to read.  


  1. I am so glad that you got some goodies too. Karma coming home to roost.

  2. Sounds like a good day of ins and outs. Here's hoping for more. :)

  3. You are such an inspiration. I hate the attitudes you mention in the next post. How heartbreaking to see such innocents become casualties of some fool's phony martyrdom.

    1. Thanks Darla. It is sickening that attitude. I wanted to shake her and say "who the hell cares who's to blame or who should do more, the cats can be fixed and the problem solved, let's just do it!" Darn it all anyhow.