Saturday, August 22, 2015

More and More

Well, over came the balloons again this morning, after once again, I failed to get up when my alarm went off, to go watch the balloon launch, over at the Art and Air Festival.

I was relieved to not entirely miss out.

I first saw them through the window, through the glorious sunflowers, swaying slightly, in morning breeze.  The sun was just peeking out over the eastern horizon, sending out rays, feelers, to see if it was in the right place and welcome.

 I went outside with my morning coffee and plastic chair.  I turned a white bucket upside down for a coffee table/foot rest.  I took my camera but got few shots.  I could not help but adorn the photos through filtering.   I wandered barefoot to my sunflowers then.

 Last night, I saw on the news, some gunman on a speeding train in France was stopped from hurting others by three Americans and one Brit.  One of the Americans was from Oregon, Roseburg to be exact.  We're all quite proud here.


  1. I heard about that news story. Awesome!

    And lovely photos once again. My parents once gifted me with a hot air balloon flight. What a time! I saw one this morning on my way to the YMCA, too. We finally had ideal weather.

    1. It is awesome that today we are not hearing of dozens of dead again, shot by someone with severe issues. He got stopped! Wow, was that fun? To soar like that? It does sound like fun.

  2. We caught that train last year and so the story was of extra interest to me. Thanks to the very brave people on the train.

  3. LOVE your balloons, and your editing, and your sunflowers.
    And yay for lives saved.

  4. Your sunflower photo is lovely. That's a thing i haven't seen is baloons overhead.