Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Really New Yorker? More Future Earthquake/Tsunami Pain for Oregon

The New Yorker magazine is trying to take down Oregon I think.  Yet another article has been printed about Oregon's disaster to come, the big Cascadia earthquake with tsunami, declaring a 30% chance of it happening in the next 50 years and a 10% chance of the really big one hitting in that same time frame.

As if the Oregon coastal communities are not struggling enough now economically, the magazine advises tourists not to overnight in the tsunami zone, since they won't know as well as locals might know, routes to higher ground.

The locals in the tsunami zone are mostly toast anyway, with few roads to high ground and these would quickly clog.  Could you get it together, in an earthquake ravaged house, to get out and to high ground in 10 to 15 minutes after the shaking stops before the big huge wave comes?  Think about it. What if some family members were trapped or badly injured from the quake itself?  Could you leave them, to save yourself and other family members?  If I lived there, I'd be doing drills with my family, so you'd know what to do on autopilot.

The NewYorker crew must be really sure this is an extreme threat to write such articles and create such fear, in Oregon, and to discourage a big part of the economy for coastal towns---tourism.  New York doesn't care one whit about Oregon, I doubt.

Here's the Oregonian article about the New Yorker article:

Click it if you want to read it.


  1. Sigh.
    I really hate the way fear is used to sell things. Particularly fear over random events over which we have no control, no influence which may or may not happen.

    1. It could never happen, to be honest. Mt. Hood could erupt too. Someday.