Sunday, July 26, 2015

Astoria Trip, Other Photos

I didn't post all the photos from the last trip to the N. coast with Honey and Mums.  So here they are....

Ship on the Columbia

Pilings and Gulls

Lewis and Clark Shine in Seaside

I also stopped at Camp 18, which is at mile marker 18, on highway 26, 18 miles east of highway 101.  I'd seen it when going by several times but this time I pulled in.  It's a restaurant and gift shop and all about Oregon logging.  Down the parking lot is another building that houses a logger's memorial, for those lost in this dangerous profession.

A cat immediately strolled off the wood porch to smell my car.

The cat belonged to the proprietors.

I couldn't go inside because it was warm and I had cats in the car, but I did take a few photos of the log art figures, carved out of large chunks of wood.

 Smokey the Bear was a large part of my Oregon childhood.   He was the face of campaigns to prevent forest fires.  "Only you can prevent forest fires!"

This was the door handle into the gift shop.

Oregon Bigfoot!


  1. I like the different filters you've done with your pictures--especially the gulls. When I see some of you special effect pictures, I always say that I'm going to play around with some of my pictures also, but then forget about it until I see yours again.

    Smokey Bear was a big part of my childhood also in West Virginia. Memories of him make me smile.

    1. I love the filters. It's fun to play around with them. I think somewhere in my treasures from childhood I have a Junior Forest Ranger Badge that features Smokey the Bear.

  2. Note the old petrol bowser. The filtered statue photo works well.

  3. That door handle would freak me out.
    Brilliant photos. I have never played around with filters. Some day...

    1. Was a bit horror flickish.

  4. Ah! The door handle :)
    Looks an interesting place...will miss your commentary and photos when you disconnect..

    1. My older brother has told me he'll cover the cost, when I can't, for internet. It made me happy, but also, I feel kind of like a leech sometimes.