Monday, June 01, 2015

Trap Night

I wanted to get involved, help that Lebanon colony, where even the caretakers don't seem very motivated to get the cats fixed.   I just wanted to help the cats.

I tried soliciting donations online to help pay for the fixes of these cats but I didn't get anybody to donate.  I have only enough in the nonprofit account to pay for two fixes, and two dentals upcoming in mid July, for which I must raise over $400 somehow.  

But I have enough in the new nonprofit account to pay for two of the four I'm taking over to be fixed. And the orange and white injured boy from a different location, is paid for already by his caretakers.  They are highly responsible.

That's what my new business is there for and tomorrow, for the first time, my brand new nonprofit will pay for two community cats to be fixed.  Kind of a big deal.

So I'm just short for one cat and if she is not lactating, the caretaker said to ask Heartland if they will take her, to find her a home.  She's tame, like many of the cats fed by several people on that block.  So I'm hoping she isn't lactating and that Heartland will take her to find her a home, then I would not have to pay for her spay and I'd be good.  I'd luck out!  And so would that fucking neighborhood.

But at least I trapped three cats over there, two of them are the only two females of the colony.  I don't know the third.  One caretaker says its' a male that she feeds.  We shall see.
Sky, whom I hope isn't Lactating!

Allegedly this is a male, but as I yanked the drop trap on this cat, I caught a glimpse in my rear view mirror of another Lynx Point running down the street, so I'm not so sure.  Heartland will figure it out.  By then, I was worn out.

Elizabeth (I think).  There are so many black cats over there.  I caught two different tame fixed black males tonight.  I hope this is little Elizabeth, the other unfixed female.

There are four or five more needing fixed, all boys.   I ran into people over there who wanted the cats gone and made veiled threats towards the cats, should they return.  This made me cry with their unkind words towards the cats.  I stoutly defended the cats, nonetheless, and asked for kindness towards them.

I feel really bad for one orange long hair male I didn't catch because he needs caught and fixed and he's caught the wrath of the guy who wants them gone.
That's this guy.  He needs fixed and he needs a new place to call home.  He's got ear mites and stud tail and he acts like the empty house, that may have just sold, is his home.  But it won't be soon, and the new owners could be cat haters.

I caught owned fixed cats because lots of people let their house cats free roam.  I caught raccoons.   Heavy winds popped up and finally severe thunderstorms, and just as they started in, I caught that second female and decided to call it a night.

I have done my best again for the cats over there, and it was not easy.  I wish I could have caught a couple more, but then again, I didn't have a way to pay for any more than I caught, so I guess it was a good thing.


  1. Good luck. Hopefully she is not lactating and something will go right for you.

    1. Oh me, too, EC, that would be so great for Sky also to get a chance at a real home.

  2. Bless your heart. I wish each of them a brighter future, which you so lovingly offer.

    1. Thanks Darla. If Sky, the chocolate pt. Siamese girl, is not lactating, she gets a chance at a real home, through Heartland. If she is lactating, she has to go back, in case her kittens are alive somewhere. A guy taking care of one of the abandoned houses said he thought some teen girls took off with some kittens found in the grass there a couple days ago, but I don't know if it is true, or whose kittens they would have been, but there are only two possibilities---Sky and Elizabeth.

  3. Good luck with all of that...

    1. Thanks WA, I'm pretty happy about being able to help cats with my own nonprofit!