Thursday, June 25, 2015

Seven More Trailer Park Cats Fixed In Endurance Test

I'm happy.  I'm also tired.

Seven more trailer park cats were fixed today up in Portland at the FCCO.

Two females, one of them lactating, and five males, two of them kittens.  I netted one of them in the shed last night, already so tired I was losing track of things, like my head lamp and kittens.

I didn't have the sense to quit, you see, and went at it past midnight.  Then when I finally did quit, I got slowed further by two trains crossing roads slowly on the way home to my bed.

After not enough hours of sleep, I hit the road with all 7 cats.  Headed north.

I hit another stall, the chronic traffic congestion that is Portland.  I could not live that way.   It took a full hour or more to get just from where 205 takes off from I5, to the clinic, which isn't many miles.  Bumper to bumper.

Oh my goodness, the case could easily be made for human TNR, just by existing in that traffic jam for a week, trying to get somewhere.

After dropping the cats at the clinic, where to go to seriously nap.  Well, I went to the rescue house, same place where I'd dropped off 8 kittens last Saturday.  I napped in the car, until it was too hot and then the rescue lady came and I napped inside a couple hours.  Then because it's scorching hot currently in Oregon I weeded in the sprinkler zone.  Nice, eh?  Yes it was!

So it all worked out and although I am worn out, I am pleased to get seven more fixed and so is the old woman, pleased as punch and yes, there are more out there to fix, but we've got a nice start.

THANK YOU to Carol who donated $100 which went to the FCCO to fix the seven today. Thank you to Ellen, the cat caretaker's daughter, who donated $30 towards my gas.     Now I've got five and maybe more reservations in the FCCO's free fix clinic Independence Spay and already someone pledging to cover my gas so I can do it!

Three big boys got fixed today.
BigVee, a male, fixed today.

Blackietoo, a black male, was fixed today.  Blackie, another black male, was fixed last Saturday.

Jack, big black tux male, fixed today.  The old woman tried and tried to get me to release this boy, claiming it was a black tux female who just had kittens.  This was late last night, and he was the only cat I'd caught and she wouldn't leave it alone, she was so worried.  So I got out the flashlight and mirror and showed her underneath him, that there were no milk bags and for good measure, Jack, yes I name them, moved his tail and I got a good look at his "equipment" and was able to further reassure her this was not a new mom, unless some serious nature twisting had gone down.

Junior, one of the boy kittens fixed today.

Peewee, another male kitten fixed today.
Julie, the lactating feral black female fixed today.

One of the old woman's in house feral kitties, who ran into her house as a kitten and the old woman kept her in, til she could be fixed.  Now she is fixed.
There are lots more over there needing fixed.  Allegedly three orange ones.  At least one more big black male, because I know him by sight.  Several more younger blacks of unknown sex.  At least three tabbies, one currently in heat, another a kitten.  At least two more black kittens and one Siamese kitten.  Probably others.  We're cutting it down though.  You never get done unless you start.
Big black unfixed male after a tabby female, who is trying to avoid him.

Shed kittens

Young adult black still unfixed.

This medium hair black tux is allegedly unfixed but owned.

Life is good.  Cats are getting fixed.  I'm happy!


  1. Well done.
    Now rest up. While you can.

    1. Will do! Already took one nap.

  2. You have been busy and so has the vet...

    1. Yes, we have all been busy here!

  3. It's a good thing that I don't live near you or it's hard to tell how many cats I would have. Four is all that I can care for well. There is an organization here that captures and fixes feral cats like you do. Are you part of a larger group?

    1. No, it's just me. I have a nonprofit now, to try to help fund some of this effort, and take cats to be fixed to a Portland feral cat spay neuter clinic, but we have nothing around here, and almost no services for animals where I live. Or funding.