Thursday, June 04, 2015

Appliance Repair

Do I enjoy life when a major appliance acts up?


This morning, my freezer compartment fan began to make a terrible noise.  I do not have the money laying about to call up somebody and say  "Come fix this".  Not usually.  Usually I consult my repair manual, a.k.a. youtube, and try to fix the problem myself.

Today was no different.  With much griping and whining, I unloaded the freezer compartment, unplugged the frig/freezer, removed the two plastics covers at the back, to expose the evaporating fan and radiator, and saw what I expected to see---ice.  Even though this is a self-defrosting frig freezer.

I'd not properly shut the door a couple days back, so it overworked for I don't know how long before I noticed.  I figured I'd take care of this quickly and all would be good.

I used a blow dryer to melt it, first laying a towel at the back of the compartment.  I cleaned up, put the covers back on, the shelf back in, loaded back the food I'd removed, closed the door, plugged it in, and ah....nice and quiet.

But when I returned from shopping, the fan again was horrendously noisy.  Shit, I thought, already blustering in my mind over it.

I repeated all the steps of this morning, only much more thorough with cleaning the edges around the compartment door seal.  Then I moved the whole appliance out from the wall and propped it up slowly on ever high stacks of cookbooks so I could get underneath to clean.  I do this every few months.  Only one cat toy under there this time.  Six months without cleaning would mean at least four to eight cat toys beneath the frig, for instance!

Backwards then, pushing it back into its space, screwing back the plastic covers for the back of the freezer, putting the shelf back and the food and closing up it up then plugging it in.  I was awed!  Silence, said the evaporating fan.  What a beautiful sound.

How long will that last? No clue, but right now, I'm happy!

Youtubers, I love you, and I love every one of you how to video makers out there, explaining how to fix every thing you could imagine on earth, even a faulty evaporating fan.

Inside of my freezer compartment minus the back covers, exposing the radiator and evaporating fan.

I begin propping the frig up on books, so I can get underneath it to clean, which I did.

I took a few photos when I went out to the Lebanon 34 cat colony last week, to catch the buff and white injured male, who was euthanized due to disease.  The colony cats, fixed last fall, look healthy and happy.

There's the buff and white, under the mower, and his wound showing.  
The cats have been very happy lately, playing and bugging me nearly to death.

By the weekend, the temps are supposed to hit 90 degrees F.

The Old Gals, Miss D and Vision, vie for Fancy Feast.  Yes, what a sucker I am, now they both get Fancy Feast.  Well, they like it, and as cats get older, it can be hard to keep their weight up. 

They slurp it down so noisily its a little disgusting.  So, want to make two old farts happy?  Well, three old farts.  Bring us some Fancy Feast!

Then there's this.  The Upper Bunk.

What a troop of lazies!  Get jobs, you losers!  The Losers, Left to right:  Slinko, Slurpy, Sam, Juno, Starr, Shady and Echo down in the hanging trap bed.


  1. Congrats on the repair job.
    Love your losers...
    My moggies like Fancy Feast too - but are very, very fussy which flavours they will deign to eat. Because of that fussiness we will have to take a box of their rejects out to our animal welfare centre shortly. Where I am sure the rejects will be happily consumed.

    1. Thanks EC and so far this a.m., no noisy freezer fan! Crossing my fingers! Yes, the distinguishing gourmet cats. They should get a reality show, on why one day one flavor is terrific and another day, not so much. Great slogan! Love your Losers!

  2. If I was that way inclined, I would marry you just for your skill in appliance and car repairs. It never hurts to take a cover off and see what you can see. As for moving a fridge to clean under it, yes, when repainting or it is to be replaced.

    1. I'd marry you, too, Andrew. I have known women who married gay guys knowing they were guy merely for the tax benefit and protections of marriage (so they would no longer be hit on, or be marks for violence as much) and also to protect a good friend, as for a long time and still in some areas, gays are targeted. Most people, most women, don't clean under a frig as often as I do. I was under social services for so long, when in the mental system. The'd enter where I lived and scrutinize and criticize severely, so that I became terribly paranoid and overdid everything, to silence their judgements of me. That's the root of my over cleaning now.

  3. What adorable pictures (except for that awful wound, of course). And I'm really impressed by your ingenuity. I need to check YouTube more often before calling a repairman. You are an inspiration, my dear.

    1. Youtube is terrific Darla, and so helpful. Many of the repair video makers also love to help further by giving advice.

  4. You are clever. Good luck and let's hope it lasts, your repair...