Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Dream

I had a strange dream.

The night before last, I was up way too late trying to contain the right cats for vet dental care the next morning and then up early again, since I'd failed the night before. I figured I'd catch up with a nap after delivering the cats.  But then I found Rosy and spent the rest of the day in a panic, over emotional over her plight combined with the lack of sleep.

So I lay down for a nap, because that's how I deal best with stress--well rested.

I had a dream.

I was running along a two lane road, because terrorists were stationed on the other side of the road, shooting at people.  Then I realized there were terrorists also on my side of the road.  I ran and ran, terrified, and they missed over and over.

I ran to the other side of the road thinking things would be better.  People were screaming and running, trying to find places to hide.  I did the same once on the other side.   I was in a panic and sure I was to die.

The terrorists were hunting people down to kill them, like cats hunt mice, like weasels hunt down voles.  People would hide behind objects or in barrels but the terrorists would methodically search them out and shoot them.

 I ran into these racks of tightly packed clothes like at Goodwill where you can't even get an item out of the racks they are so closely packed.  I tried to hide within all those racks of clothes.

I saw a little boy, white as a sheet, eyes wide, trembling.  Behind him was a little girl, crouched down with her arms bent and clamped across her ears.   Then the men came, with their assault guns, knocking over the racks searching for people to kill.  I thought I was going to die, so I may as well make it mean something.  I signed "Shhhh" to the children and jumped up so the men would chase me and then I ran.  

It worked and they came after me and I ran into this market type area where people were scattering as bullets were flying everywhere.  For some reason, none of the bullets hit me.  I ran uphill then, up this alley. I thought how could I possibly be running all the time, when I am out of shape and my right knee is so unstable it barely qualifies as a joint.  It did not occur to me in my dream that this was a dream and that's why I could do things I normally could not do.  The alley I ran up was very narrow and there were some cement steps up the side, which I ran up.  At the top was perched this shack, precariously over the alley, like it could fall off, with a wood door, slightly ajar.  I burst through to hide.

Inside, a young man stood up, like a young teenager.  His shirt was off and there was a hole in his lower left side oozing white and green infection and it was all puffy and red around it.  The smell was horrible.  He had another bloody wound higher up on his right side.  "Help me," he pleaded.  "But you should know, I'm one of them."  I knew what he meant, that he too was a terrorist.

I said, "I will help you but you should know, I am an infidel to all religions."  

"I don't care, please help me," he said.  So I proceeded to help him with his wound, washing it out and cleaning it although the smell was awful.

But suddenly two men burst in with guns and I knew it was the end, and I backed against a wall and closed my eyes, trying to think of something nice, like warm water and sun and floating on my back in the lake.  But the young man said something in his language and the men ran out of the shack again, without killing me.  That was the end of the dream or all I remember of it.

I woke up very startled.  I thought about the dream for awhile though, because I don't often remember dreams.

Rosy is much better.  She had a sinus cold, which is what made her so dehydrated and dehydration made her cold.   The sinus cold was hidden by her dehydration, so now with fluids in her, the congestion is back.  It's one of those colds where the gunk drains backwards, down her throat, like old Electra had.  It's not as apparent to an observer because there's not the eye and nose drainage.  You have to hear it.  But it makes their throat sore and its hard to eat or drink with it.

So she's on fluids, nutrical and steaming and hopefully will recover, with time and care.

Mops and Tugs are also doing just fine, following their dental surgeries and multiple extractions.  So it's all just fine here and I finally had a vivid dream that I remembered!


  1. If only we could be as 'bullet proof' in life as we can sometimes manage in our dreams...
    Glad that Rosy is improving - and that you know what she/you are facing.

    1. Wouldn't that be nice, EC! She's much better than when I found her, but still not eating on her own.

  2. Your dream was making me feel rather afraid. Thankfully you survived.

    1. Thankfully I woke up, Andrew!

  3. Gosh that is an interesting dream, and they seem so real according to my husband...I'm glad yours was only a dream.
    Great that Rosy has improved a little.

    1. Yes, me too, glad it was only a dream, but yes, it seemed so real. Rosy is better but still not eating and drinking on her own. Part of that may be because she is feral but I hope she gets a lot better soon.

  4. You are such an inspiration with your loving care. Best wishes to you and yours.