Sunday, May 10, 2015


It's cat photo Sunday.  I just made that up.

Yesterday I spent the day making more cat runs along the perimeter for the cat yard, plus one perch, more to come.  I scrounge for screws, use old ones I've taken out of other things and I finally ran out.  But I got a bunch more cat runs made and put up.  To cut costs, I make my own "shelf supports" which is not easy for me.  I use a skill saw I got at the Habitat Store years ago.  I am going to have to invest in a new blade.

Those are all new shelves along that fence.  Excuse the paint colors, I get paint remnants also at the Habitat Store or wherever I can find it.

I added a climb with perch at one end, when almost dark last night.  The cats love it already.  Smolder is atop it in this photo.

Smolder, atop the perch.  I glue gunned carpet remnants, also from the Habitat Store, so they can climb it.  It's crap carpet, half rotted now from age, so when it rains and gets wet, big deal.
Di Vinci, one of the Olson Lane cats, like Rosy was, up on the Oak cat perch.

The cats come and go, inside and out, and in this weather, mostly out.  Mona Lisa, also one of the Olson Ln cats, likes the cat yard cat box sleeper.

I had no roofing material when I built this out of junk wood, years ago.  I need to get something to protect the integrity, (little of that left) of the roof.  It has an entrance and exit (on the backside).  Cats do not like to feel trapped when they sleep.
Two more Olson Lane Cats.  Bluebell in the front with Huckleberry sleeping in the back.  The grays can be difficult to tell apart.  There are four short hair and four long hair.  Two of the gray long hairs, Bluebell and Gracie, have white chest spots, Bluebell's being almost square.  Di Vinci has no white chest spot and the shortest hair of the four.  Hawkeye has no white chest spot and very long fine hair.

To complicate matters of ID, I have Blueberry, not related to Bluebell and her tribe.  But Blueberry has a completely different look and color to her.  At least its clear to me.  Blueberry has the most expressive face!
Willy Wonka is one of the Olson Lane short hair grays.   They are very easy to tell apart.  There is Willy here, with a white chest spot, and faded gray look while his sister, Mopsy, has a squarish look to her face, like Bluebell and a white chest spot!   Vino is darker gray, large, no chest spot and a clown.  Storm, the fourth, has no chest spot and a much rounder face than any of the others.  
These are the cats I was not supposed to end up with, the cats I injured myself helping and I have no regrets.  I did end up with 13, but Cloudy and Rosy have passed on, so now there are 11.

8 of the Olson Lane adults went to a Tangent barn home.  Three went to a barn home out near Lacomb.  Two went to a contained cat yard home with a friend of mine outside Oakridge and two others are up at Odd Cat Out, a sanctuary.  They're doing great.  I got to see Flopsy and Thunder again a few months ago.

Five adults, held by the woman who asked for my help with the colony, escaped her garage immediately and are presumed dead, as she lives in a remote location and they have not been seen again.  These included Crush, a big orange tabby male, a little gray female whose name eludes me, Jamaica, a black female, Thumper, a black male, and Mango, a gorgeous buff tabby tux girl.  It breaks my heart to think of that.

Ace, a huge gray and white FIV positive male and a roam in to the colony, is now an indoor house cat.  The kittens from the colony, all in severe condition, went to shelters and rescues.  Some died, but many did not.  Without intervention, all 60 cats and kittens, fed but never fixed, left by their caretaker when she decided to move on with her life, would now be dead.

I try to make sure now that I do not help people who are going to dump cats on me, as happened three places--the Albany apartment cats, the Albany Business cats and the Olson Lane situation of 60 cats and kittens left behind.   I got manipulated in all three instances.  The cats were in terrible need.  But there are so many in dire need and I can't care for them all.   If people would fix their cats and the cats they feed, it wouldn't then become a problem and fall on the few to save them and then care for them.

I'm doing the best I can however now that they are here to give them the best care possible.  Thank you so much to those who have helped me help them.  I could not survive without you.  I appreciate you!

I'm not sorry at all they're here and safe and happy.  I love them now.  I will do my darned best to keep them happy and healthy, too.

My brother says this place is cat Disneyland.  It is fun.  It is cat heaven.

It's been a month since Alexi had most of her teeth pulled.  She's still a little wobbly over it but I think she'll improve over time.
Sassy, on the right, is the only one of the Business Nine who has not gotten a dental.  She's going next week.  She is so sly about hiding when I try to get her contained to go.  It will be interesting to get her caught and ready.  Haley, to the left, was one of the two who camped out with me, on the last trip to the affordable clinic, where she had multiple teeth pulled.  
I do have other cats on the list needing dentals.  Of the 12 cats I listed for the fundraiser goal, five still need to get in:  Sassy, Angel, Honey, Tweetie and Button.  An extra got in last week, Tugs, who was not on the list.  I'm adding Slurpy, Meesa, Shaulin and Mums now to the list.  So I'm back up to 9 to get in.

In all, already this year, 11 cats have gone in for dental cleanings and extractions.  Slinko went in twice!  Here's the list of cats who have had dental cleanings/extractions this year:  Blueberry, Raindrop, Slinko (twice), Alexi, Haley, Tilly, Stiletto, Buffy, Chessie, Mops and Tugs.  That is pretty darn good to get so many care so far!

I hope to get the other 9 on the list done pronto somehow, so we can all kick back here, for awhile at least.  It's always a matter of money.  I'm getting help from a local shelter, however, and that cuts the costs tremendously and I can hardly contain my gratitude for that help.  Thank you Heartland Humane!

Honey, originally from the Corvallis homeless camp, is such a happy cat.  She reaches out to sniff Huckleberry, on the right.

Dreamy eyed Sam, with one of his best friends, Juno.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. You are the best mom of all... let's see, I think it has to do with Mother Nature, Mother Earth or something like that. Those kittlies are so fortunate that they have you.

    1. Thank you! I love my life with the cats, guess it's what was meant to be for me and I embrace it and do it full force. After I got beaten on a psyche ward, by staff, and reported the abuse, but the county did not react, I left county mental health. I went briefly to a private counselor. He gave me a poem about flowing with the river and going where the river takes you, not fighting the current or eddies. I've kept that poem and that's what I try to do now. He was going to be a Jesuit priest but met a woman about to become a nun and they fell in love and embraced a new direction. I run into him now and then, when shopping in Corvallis, and always tell him I still have the poem. That's how I came to see to embrace my direction, not fight it.

  2. Cat photo Sunday was a treat. Thank you.
    Such lucky cats. Home, security and love. And they give all of that back too. Can you imagine being able to call a house 'home' without them?

    1. I could not imagine, EC!

  3. We once put a small shelf on our fence with a bowl intended to contain cut up apples for possums. You can guess what our two cats did, encouraged by it being in a sunny spot.

  4. You have done well with your perches for the cats, they do look content..

  5. You are certainly a wonder in the cat world. That's incredible construction. Happy Mother's Day to you, as well, if a little late.

  6. 5/22/2015


    Your friend (and mine) informed me about your work with the cats! Thank you!

    Here's a little video about the ABQ Community Cats Project funded for three years from Petsmart Charities and Best Friends:

    Diane Kahl
    ABQ, NM

  7. 5/22/2015

    Hello Jody,

    Your friend (and mine from WAY back) informed me about your work and website. Thank you for your dedication to the cats!

    Here is the major operation in Albuquerque, which has turned around the ***700*** per month feline euthanasia rate here in Albuquerque.

    Diane Kahl
    ABQ, NM
    (formerly of Portland, OR and Corvallis, OR)

    1. Which friend, Dianna? I watched the video of what you guys have done in Albuquerque and that is so fantastic. makes me happy to see that. Did I know you when you were in Corvallis? My memory is sometimes lousy with people.