Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for Noted Nuts

N is for Nuts.  Noted Nuts.  Like the Hazelnut of Oregon, now selling in raw at Winco for between $5 and $6 per lb.  That's an expensive nut.

Not as expensive a Nut as Almonds are expensive right now, although the price changes by the day.  Almonds are running raw between $6 and $7 per lb. Almonds are spendy, but not just in dollars spent to buy.  They are spendy in California water to grow.

California water is an endangered species.  Except for farmers don't have to treat it that way.  They get to use as much as they want in any way they want.  The pain and suffering of the drought falls on citizens even though farmers use or squander most of California's water.

Why are farmers exempt?  Well because they grow food, of course.  If they don't grow food that goes directly onto tables in America, forget about it, is what I say.  Forget about growing products too that aren't really food, calling yourself a farmer, then getting to squander water too.  If farmers are exempted but citizens are not, then they should pay back something for that privilege.

 Give back, like lowering their damn food prices, if real food is what they even grow.  Because nursery owners call themselves farmers too and so do others who don't grow anything that comes close to being food.

Grow real food that we eat here in the U.S. or restrict water like everyone else, is my opinion about it.  Wow, did I ever wander off subject!

Almonds take lots and lots of water to grow.  And yet they're being grown in a drought ridden area.  That does not seem bright.  We could live without.

California also grows the most tasteless strawberries you can buy.   Ha!

Hazelnuts are often too expensive for the average Oregonian to purchase more than a couple times per year as a treat.  I love nuts but I can't afford very often to buy Nuts.

I am a Nut.   I freely admit this.  

I am a Nut of Note, am I Not?

N is for Nuts, Noted or Not.


  1. We grow rice in areas which require constant irrigation. A form of insanity. And yes, the farmers are subsidised. Heavily.
    If you are a nut, you are not alone.
    A nutty cluster?

    1. Absolutely, EC, a cluster, with chocolate!

  2. I thoroughly dispute your ill-educated assertion that California grows the most tasteless strawberries you can buy. Australia simply must take out that honour. Big, rich red but hard and flavourless. We bought strawberries at markets in Budapest, Germany and Austria and they were to die for.

    1. Ha, Andrew, you are funny! Oregon strawberries are legendary for unbelievable flavor. And by comparison, the CA strawberries are wall paper paste or worse.

  3. I buy nuts when I feel like some.
    Strawberries I eat most days, growing your own is much better to have a good taste.

    1. That's true, WA. What variety do you grow? I had a small patch out front for several years that gave me all the berries I needed, but then they caught a fungus and I had to rip them out. I meant to start a new patch this year. It's getting late if I want berries by June.

  4. Local strawberry season is coming here in June and I can not wait. We do buy strawberries year 'round for our daughter who loves them and needs the extra vitamin C, but you are right. The flavor of local is in another class.