Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L is for Lucky and Livable

L is for Lucky!  And boy am I ever Lucky.  I'm also Late, in creating an "L" post, as you may have noticed.

Why am I late?

I was taking a road trip again, with a couple of feral cats.  We went camping in the rain on the coast.  They got their vet visits for dentals, with extractions.  10 teeth got pulled in all from two cats.  Leaving them afterwards, collectively, with 50 teeth between the two.  Plenty!   Haley had 7 pulled while Tilly had 3 pulled.

And I did camp in the rain.  At Nehalem Bay State Park. I could not afford a motel.  Lucky me!  I am exhausted.  And it was beautiful!

I Live in a very Livable state.  I was Lucky to have been born here.  I can't believe my Luck being born here, of all places, rather than say, Siberia, for example, or Liberia or Libya.

I was born in Oregon and because I was born here not somewhere else, I was Lucky from the start.  Not like so many others.  Especially women. Born in places where they are treated so horribly.

Lucky I am.   And I know it.

Look at this.  Take a Look and tell me Oregon isn't just absolutely gorgeous!  Livable!  Easy on the Eye.

Arcadia Beach

Deer at Nehalem Bay State Park

Beach behind the campground, boy was it stormy!

Looking down at the beach from a highway 101 vista pull out.  In the distance, upper middle, you can barely make out a strip of water beyond the sand and a thin line of green.  That's Nehalem Bay just beyond, and the campground is on that strip of land.

Haley looking like I feel now, like a drunken sailor, in the car still, after her dental.
L is for Lucky, which I am, to have been born in such a Livable state as is Oregon.


  1. There are some very rugged beach photos there. It looks very exhilarating.

  2. It looks truly beautiful. And exciting. And hooray for more cats with dental issues fixed.

    1. Yes, yay, for ticking off the cats who need dental care here. Now, of the Albany Golden West business cats, only one remains, Sassy, who needs teeth pulled. She's going in May, appointment already set, then those nine, two of whom had to have all their teeth pulled, will be done. For now at least.