Friday, March 06, 2015

I'm Free

I got a used modem, hooked it up, called comcast so they could sync it with their whatever, and I'm free of the $10 per month modem rental.

No hard feelings with comcast either since they suggested I do this as an alternative to disconnecting service.  Their customer service people who helped me through this were quite splendid and courteous.

So for now I'm good and I'm free of that creeping ever higher rental fee.  I was about to disconnect internet to my place, when I settled instead on removing the modem rental fee from the bill, at least.  There may come a time soon when I will need to disconnect because of the price but not right now.

I had the new used modem slow sent from Amazon, although it arrived in three days.   If you allow slow sending, you get a dollar credit for an ebook or movie rental.  I LOVE that option because I'm almost never in a hurry to get anything.

Works like a charm too.  And it is so much smaller than the comcast modem, gives me space back on the desk.

Well, I'm about to take back the two girls, to their home.  They'll be happy about that.  They are restless in the traps, although I cleaned them and gave them new linings.   Of course they want out.  Of course they want familiar surroundings and a nap in this warm sun to sleep off what to them was a bizarre and strange nightmare.


  1. How lovely to hear of service technicians who were helpful and courteous. A rarity these days.
    And yay for an extra #10 a month.
    Of course the girls want to go home. And home will be better and safer for them now...

  2. We are fast approaching a time where people will be seriously disadvantaged if they don't have internet access. I just filled in an online form with a box marked compulsory for a mobile (cell) phone number. There are still many who don't have a mobile phone, even those with internet access. It's good that you have reduced your bill, because as you know, I'm sure, communication with the world is part of your life.

  3. That's good you are still connected. That was steep for rental.

  4. Yes, it will be safer for them now. I think that poor mom cat has had a lot of litters. The folks feeding them were very nice and want to catch two stray males also once the two girls settle back in.

    Whiteangel, I'm happy to have found a way to lower the internet cost but still keep it for now. Really happy! EC, I love courteous support line people. They make life's hardships and little losses less traumatic!

  5. I know, Andrew, I've struggled severely also with keeping a phone. I could not afford the landline, then got a net10 prepay cell for $10, but couldn't afford the cheapest prepay card for that either most months and when I went without a phone, my younger brother jumped in, saying he had ten lines on his plan and was not using them all and even sent me a phone. The relief was unbelievable. My brothers are good to me. Others are not so lucky.