Saturday, February 07, 2015

In Honor of Valentine's Day.......

A little bit of cat love......

Electra and Cattyhop.  Both have gone on.

The Family that stays together.....four of the nine Albany Business cats.  

Juno and Sam.  The Hug

Raindrop and Sassy

Haley and Stiletto

Honey with Brambles

Honey and Oci

Juno and Teddy

Jade and Meesa

Echo and Meesa

Miss D with foster kitten Bambam

Miss D and Comet

Miss D with Slurpy and foster kittens

The Three Amigas

Now love is one thing between two people but love is everywhere and among all creatures.  I am surrounded by love everyday.  All I could ever want.  I am very very lucky.


  1. Aww.
    Jazz n Jewel do NOT love each other, though I have had cats who do.

  2. Thanks Autumn and aw, EC, that's too bad Jewel and Jazz are not kitty friends. But just like humans, some cats don't like one another while others hit it off. Must be hard on cats to be forced to live with another they dislike, then often labeled as a cat that doesn't like other cats, when really its a cat that doesn't like one or two certain cats. So much generalization goes on with humans thinking about cats.

  3. They are all so lovely, look very contented.