Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Ducks and the Big Game

The Ducks from down in Eugene, the U of O football team, that is, are playing in a big game tomorrow, I hear.

I'm not a football person.   In fact, I can barely muster interest.

I do not possess a fan mentality.   I don't know those players.   Why would I want to watch them play or fork out thousands for a ticket, which is what they go for, with air travel and lodging, to watch a game with players I don't know playing other people I do not know?  No reason I can think of.  Maybe if I was oozing excess money I would go, for the parties and fun.  Maybe that's what it takes to become and enjoy being a fan---money!  No clue.

Lots of people do have the fan tribal gene.  They pay out a lot of money that goes into somebody's pocket to follow a team.  I hope they get what they need from it.

The big fanfare is tomorrow and I don't care.  I don't have cable and won't be watching.  I'll hear later who won, on the news.  That's enough for me.

I know lots of people who do not like to watch sports.   It's made out like we are a minority but are we?  Lots of us do like to play sports but not watch other people play.  It's just another excuse to be a couch potato.

Speaking of which, I am walking even though I don't enjoy it much, walking the same boring streets every day.  I can't see it's much gain either since it's all flat around here and I have to stop all the time for cars when I cross streets.

I live in a freeway town and sometimes you can smell the gas in the air from so many cars.  We don't have walking or hiking parks here, just the freeway.  Most streets do not have sidewalks.  With the car smell, I don't think it is likely very healthy to breath deeply outside anyway.  That's my excuse!  A good one, eh?

So, since I have done little lately, except for cleaning and clean up projects, here are some cat photos.  It's all I have to offer!  Ha ha.  Yes, I think that's funny.

Buffy in a basket

Fantasia in a basket

Panda on the side

Blueberry Jump

Raindrop in a basket

Mona Lisa hates the flash

Vision on the Vent

Slinko Mouths Off

Bird Watcher Friends


  1. I could care less about sports. The noise irritates me.
    My helper that's helping me with my catio porch project bailed after 2 hours of work so he could go home and watch sports today. Whoop-de-doo!
    Kitty photos are always a lovely distraction!
    Vision is a beautiful old gal.

  2. Glad you are getting to that catio! Can't wait to see it take shape. Vision is old, but has perked up lately. Sometimes that is associated with trying to enjoy what's left not long before a leave.

  3. Lovely of you to visit and comment on my blog..Than you.
    i don't care for football when the season arrrives down here. Will watch a bit of cricket which is on at this time of year and a little tennis.
    Your cats are lovely. Love animals.

  4. I saw that you live in Tasmania, WhiteAngel and even that name makes me crazy with desire to go there and see it. Thanks about the cats. I love them!

  5. Whiteangel, I'm actually trying to find blogs from all over the world now, to see life in other places. Travel via blogger (instead of my usual--google maps). If you know of blogs in other countries that you recommend, let me know. Goes for any readers. Thank you.

  6. Sports? Meh. Not for me. I don't care.
    Cats on the other hand are always a joy.
    I will give some thought to blogs you might like from abroad.

  7. Sports watching is boring. I thought cable tv was pretty standard in your country. Well done capturing the cat mid jump. You may find this of interest, although perhaps depressing,

  8. Andrew, cable is very expensive here, so many people cannot afford it. I am just on the edge of being unable to afford internet. Many people in this country cannot afford internet either. The price keeps going up. Our new Republican powered congress has just passed a rule their first day in power this year that money cannot be switched among Social Security programs and the disability program, which I am on, will run out in 2016, without funds being transferred to it. It is said they did this to create a fake crisis, but all I think about is trying to live on 20% less, which is what will happen by the end of 2016, if the Congress does not renig on the rule change. I won't have internet or a lot of things then, things like food.

  9. The rule change the GOP voted in their first day that has me worried can be read about here: