Saturday, January 03, 2015

Number 34

I went out to the Lebanon colony and caught number 34 this morning.   Another unfixed gray male.  But I think he's the last needing caught, thank goodness.
Number 34
Lilac Pt. Female, looking good, been fixed since around Thanksgiving.

On the way, on Seven Mile, I removed a freshly killed young black unfixed male from the road.  He was still bleeding from one ear.  He'd been hit by a car.  I hate speeders.  Not to say it was someone speeding who hit and killed him but most likely it was.  People are conservative in this county but no matter how much they claim to value life, actions speak louder than words.

A couple days ago a speeder drove his old camero down from Lebanon, crossed the center line on highway 34 and plowed head on into a car driven by a young woman, who was killed.  The speeder was also killed.  I have no good thoughts about him.  His action, his choices, killed a young woman, leaving two children without their mother, and badly injured a little boy.

Enough belly aching for the day.  The day is beautiful and I think all the cats are caught now in that one colony.

I come home, and am in and out of my garage, setting up the cage that will hold that gray fellow til the day after he's fixed.  I go back out to the garage, from inside the house, and am totally startled by two huge dogs in the garage, scaring my cats.  They're from the neighbor two houses down and they don't care who those dogs charge or whose property they're tearing up.

 The only time they've even spoken to me was when an officer came to my door about an abandoned cat, and the dogs charged him.  He then went and balled out the dogs' owners two houses down.  But then when he left, the dog owner came over and yelled at me, accusing me of calling the cops on him and his dogs.

Like I shouldn't have been doing that all along for seven years.   They stomp on me like a worm.   I know it.  Maybe I should do some stomping back.  I hate to think the dogs might suffer if I start calling the police on those dogs, allowed the run of the block and other people's property.

I was real upset to find those dogs in my open garage.   There's no call for that.

Now, really, enough of the belly aching.
Snow dusting the hills up above Lacomb

Arrow in the cat yard


  1. Love the snow dusting.
    You can't help yourself can you? That cat just had to be caught. Congratulations and thank you.

  2. I could not help myself.

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