Sunday, December 28, 2014

For All You Who Thought.......

I know I told you I was opting out of Christmas this year.  And I tried.

My resolve weakened with all the pretty lights, however.

So up went a fake tree I found at the Habitat store one day.   It was in three pieces.  My friend, who was with me, carried one piece, and me another, thinking we had it all.  But when I got it home, it looked something like this....

Three quarter tree.  I could have lived with this.  It's awesome.

We went back over to see if we could find the rest of the tree in the parking lot, but it was not there and the store was closed.
Next day, first thing, I went over to the Habitat Store right as they opened.  I went in and started my explanation.   "Did you find the rest of the tree?"  I said at the end.

"Well, we did, but I already sold it.  Got $10 more bucks for it," the guy said, straight faced.  I didn't know how to react.  But before I broke down, he did, laughing.  He had the rest of the tree.  He was kidding me.

A nice tall fake tree with lights for $15.  You can't beat that.  I'd been shocked by the price of the real trees.  I'd gone looking but even the cheapest at the Helping Hands lot, that looked like a sick little branch cut from the top of another tree, all spindly and just a couple feet tall, they wanted $10 for that twig. No way could I afford a decent real tree this year.

So I got cards too.  Apparently people just ignored my opt out or never heard.  I'm glad because I like my card pole.

I could not afford to buy gifts for people this year. I did not have the money.

But I like the lights!!

Jade of all the cats who recently got dentals has vastly improved in spirits from before she had the dental.   I'm no good at photographing black cats.  Here she is before her dental, in obvious distress with some drool.

Now she races around happily chirping with Sam and Mums, playing like a kitten!  I will try to sneak up on her and get a current photo tonight.

Sam and Mums are her best friends here, I think anyway.

This morning I did outlet changing, since suddenly the microwave would not work.  Then I saw the frig was off too and it was plugged into the next outlet up on the wall from the one the microwave was plugged into.  Everything else was working.  I took all morning being half asleep still, to change out those two outlets, but then they still didn't work.

Then I saw this.....
 This outlet is about four feet up the wall and I plug my cat drinking fountain into it.   The fountain was still running, outlet still working looking like this. When I tried to unplug it, its plug was melted to the outlet. But the two outlets, connected in series below it, were not working.  I changed out this outlet, the third of the day, threw out the cat fountain, which is ten years old, and now everything is good again.

There's Misty, who also recently had teeth pulled, 7 in her case!  Looking good girl!  Comet, on the shelf above her, will get his dental very soon!
Odd Photo Bomb


  1. Ouch - you are really, really lucky you didn't have a fire.
    So glad that the dentals are giving the cats a new lease on life...

  2. Yes, I am lucky. I probably will never be able to trust a cat fountain again, although realistically, the thing was ten years old and pumps go bad. How strange it seemed to me that after the outlet fried zonking out power to those beyond it in the series, it still functioned. It is possible I caused the short. The outlet is up on the wall below a pegboard where I hang pots. It is possible I hung up a pot that was still wet and dripping and water dripped down into the outlet across a neg and pos and shorted it out.

    Getting bad teeth pulled and others cleaned really does make a huge difference in a cats life, just like in people's life. When I finally got my teeth all fixed almost two years ago, what a difference for me!