Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter Blah Freezing Rain

My bush, sagging from ice.
 Freezing rain is right now hitting my street.   I hate freezing rain.  Turns roads into skating rinks and brings down trees and power lines.  My roof is sound, held up to 15 inches of snow last February.  I have no reason to worry.

Yesterday I climbed up on the roof and slid around the edge on my butt, cleaning out the gutters of leaves, after I heard there could be freezing rain, which, if there is water or leaves in the gutter, creates too much weight on them and they sag or fall off.   So I got that taken care of and glad of it.

And my maple at least has no leaves now, so it will be less burdened than other maples on the block that do still have leaves, with ice cling weight.

The neighbors roof is covered in a sheet of ice!  It's hard to see it in this photo but you can see it.  I might add more photos later.


  1. Whoa! Maybe I got up too late to see it. Right now, it's 37 here with no signs of ice.

    Where do you live relation of Albany--south, I think, but I'm not sure? I'm just a few blocks west of downtown Eugene. I spent 37 years in the country, and wouldn't go back for money.

  2. Here we will be nudging 100 today, so I am looking at your photos in awe (and a touch of jealousy).

  3. I live in suburbia land, of developments and cul de sacs, houses and concrete as far as the eye can see, near the freeway in Albany.

  4. I bet, EC, with 100 degrees. I bet you'd love some Oregon ice right about now.