Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Soloman Gets His Dental

Thank you to everyone who has donated on the current fundraiser, which you can see at the top of the page on the right sidebar, for the Six Cat Dentals.  Soloman became the first of those six to get his teeth cleaned.

Soloman is 8 years old and a kind hearted male kitty who once went to a home in Eugene with a woman who claimed great experience with former feral cats.  Well, she told me to come get him within a day or two or three.  I can't remember how fast it was she bounced him back, since it's been many years now.

I took him in with three others after Safehaven asked me to trap cats to be fixed around the apartment complex of an employee's relative.  I was horrified at the negligence and neglect and general laziness of the people there, most half my age or younger.

I had to crawl over two guys playing video games on one TV while watching ball games on another with live traps.  They were not going to move to help.  The young woman there was pregnant with yet another child and the only person in the household who worked.  The young man, 19, bragged he'd already fathered five kids.  I told him he wasn't a father, that fathers support their kids, they don't just impregnate then suck off the taxpayers and unwed struggling mother to be (his m.o.).  Mr. Lazy then faked a back problem, wanting sympathy when he finally rose to carry one cat in trap to my car, behind me, carrying two, and I was done with his patheticness and told him "can't you just go hang at the 7-11 til I"m done, to get out of the way?"

He had the gall to ask if I'd loan him a five, that he was good for it.   I think you know what I told him.

This level of worthlessness extended throughout the complex with a couple of exceptions.  There are always a couple exceptions, people trying hard to be good people in the midst of all this awfulness.  Many cats had open wounds from being shot.  Some had pellet holes through their ears.  So I got them all fixed and the four teens stayed with me.  I couldn't live with myself if I'd taken them back there.  I wish I'd never seen how any of those cats had to live, in that awful place, with such lazy heartless people, for the most part, that they had to depend on, for food.

So that's how Soloman came to be here.  His sister, Panda, is also still here.  Today he went off and had his teeth cleaned and one extraction.  He was updated on his rabies vaccine and also, got Profender applied for round and tapeworms.  

Here's my boy Soloman:

In the summer, I cut his coat, but in the winter, I let him have it.   His nails need trimmed often and I have to find them amongst all his toe hair to trim.   He's very shy by nature, being feral born, in Lebanon.  He loves kittens and the other cats, however, and because he is so good natured, he has many friends here.


  1. He is a beautiful boy - and I am glad he got his teeth fixed.

  2. Thanks EC, me too!

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