Monday, October 13, 2014

R.I.P Missy

Missy, the skinny little gray torti I worried so over for months, watching her deteriorate and wobble when she walked, by the rabbit hoarders house, has died.  She was euthanized at Heartland after they found mouth and throat tumors consistent with cancer, large and painful, I was told, when I gave the permission.

She was not underfed.  She had cancer so painful she couldn't eat.

Rest in Peace, little gray girl.

I wanted to save her, to help her into a wonderful loved life.

Some things you can't fix.  I'd never seen anything like that drool discoloration around her mouth and on her nose, however.  She drooled constantly, from the tumors.

Sorry little girl.

Victor and Bootsy, now Mr. Marvelous, are now Heartland cats officially although I brought Victor back with me to foster here til they have the room for him, which won't be long.

Bootsy went home with a Heartland volunteer.  He has a staff infection in his skin, from scratching at himself with dirty claws, due to fleas and severe ear mites.  He would not have lived much longer, but now he has a chance to be remade.  He's a wonderful sweet boy and I hope, once he heals, which might take a couple months, that he gets the best home ever and lives a joyful life.

And that is that.

Heartland did not charge me a dime, which caused me to walk out of there crying.  Thank you, Heartland.


  1. Hi strayer. I can send you a little tomorrow when the banks open. I drove to my bank to make a deposit and it's Columbus Day.
    I got another neighborhood cat fixed last week, so I'm a little sparing with $.
    So sorry to hear about the little grey torbie, Missy. She looks a lot like my Jenni-Penni. It's heartwrenching when you want them to survive since you took the time to give a damn.
    Since it's my birthday month and I 'll be 50- each week, I choose an organization or cause to donate to. And of course, most have been cat related. I like to give back when it's my birthday month.
    I'm glad you write and share your stories. Those are your gifts, y'know.
    Take care!

  2. WHY do human vermin insist on hoarding animals, or not even caring for one they have? If it was a mental illness, I'd say it's time they give it a name and declare these imitation humans not be allowed access to animals. An animal abuser down here was sentenced in work at an animal shelter! Good god. Would they sentence a child abuser to work at an orphanage?

  3. I'm good, thanks Autumn. Heartland didn't charge me anything at all. The boys are now their cats, and they will adopt them out, although Bootsy will require a long period in foster, to recover, from staff infection. Thank you so much for the offer, especially coming from you, who has so little too.

  4. However, due to Heartland's kindness in this matter, I would love to see donations go to them, for the care of Captain Marvelous, formerly known as the rabbit hoarder's orange tux, Bootsy. Heartland Humane is in Corvallis, Oregon. I can give more details if people want to donate.

  5. I'm so sorry, but, as ever, touched by your generosity with your time and resources. Funny how someone ever figured that you needed to be institutionalized, because after five years or more of following your blog, I've never seen anything that makes me think that you're other than an asset to the world, but not only that, appear saner than most people I know. I suppose at one time you would have been burned at the stake simply for standing out in this rather sorry world.

  6. Thank you. I may hold on to my dollars then. There is an unfixed male 2 doors down i want to trap - I need to get permission to access their yard as it has a locked gate.. His name is Tank and he fathered the one I caught last week. The work continues...

  7. Good Autumn, save your dollars, get him fixed, thanks. Lotta Joy, good points. I hate it when judges sentence animal abusers to community service at a shelter. That is so disrespectful to animals and stupid. Snow, thank you for your kind words, I like kind words.

  8. Jody, do you have somewhere you can go and just scream? These awful situations must drag you into the pits and beyond.

    Poor Missy, those kind of mouth tumours can sometimes be caused by living in a house of smokers. At least the pain is over for her now. RIP sweet little girl.

    Here's hoping the hoarder doesn't just start up again.

    Thank you for helping those poor cats.

  9. Everycat, I was very happy the cats were finally being removed from the house and I jumped into to help when asked, but then Heartland immediately offered help. When I heard Missy had cancer however I just sobbed and it is still getting to me and generally I have to take some time and cry.

  10. I know it's not much use and only words, but sending you purrs and love. You rise to these challenges every time, I haven't ever seen you turn one down, I know you have done when it's been impossible, but you always step up somehow.

    Know that you are remarkable.

  11. Thanks everycat. It's not easy, not easy. But, what is, really, especially good and deeply soul satisfying things.