Friday, October 17, 2014

Cat Fishing with Viktor

I have no defense of this video except I am bored and I think its darn cute. Viktor surprised me. Man alive, can he ever jump!


  1. It is cute and awfully well-done too. You're obviously good with photography, and now you've shown talent for accompanying videos with words and writing, right up to the poignant end.

  2. This is a really good advert for Viktor, he's SO sturdy and what an athlete!

    I'll tweet this.

  3. He is totally awesome. I visited him yesterday with a friend, and tried hard to convince her to adopt him. Seems her husband is in the way.

  4. "Seems her husband is in the way."

    Another way of boosting your income might be the elimination of husbands who are, as you put it, are "in the way." You would only do it, of course, for a really good cause such as finding a home for a good cat. If Peggy were not "in the way," I would already have more than one cat, but I think it's probably good that I have her to stop me.