Monday, April 28, 2014

Now It's Rogue Again

Rogue's now having trouble with his mouth again.  Dad gummit.  I wish he'd been taken care of properly his first trip in for mouth care.   That was in February.  He went with Cougie, her first trip, followed closely by her second trip and not long after, by her third.   After I robbed five local banks and three convenience stores (of kleenex boxes due to my excess sobbing and sniffling over finances) Cougie's good now!

Not so much Rogue.

I called a cheap clinic recommended by a rescue group up North.  Sure it's practically on another continent, but I can travel there, get all his teeth pulled and have several hundred to spare over what I'd pay around here for the same thing.

I made the appointment.  There's no use making him suffer longer.  I started another youcaring fundraiser hoping to pay for it and since the trip is long, I'm taking Brambles for an overdue dental too.  I sure hope I'm not doing myself in for good with this gamble.  I'm hoping beyond hope I can raise those funds.  I got two weeks.  I'm hoping beyond hope my well used car will make it that far.

 And back.
Brambles is from the huge Hate Thy Neighbor colony and has suffered from chronic herpes all his life.  It's why he's here.  His eye was so bad when I took him initially to be neutered the vet talked me into keeping him, saying he stood no chance if returned.  When a vet makes a plea for a cats future, that's something.  However, I wish that would have come with lifetime vet care.  He's not young like Rogue, but Rogue is far from a kitten.

But making it there is the important part.   If I can't make it back, I'll spend my days walking on the beach with Rogue and Brambles, if they wish to join me.  I don't think cats like the beach much.   It's like walking in a never ending litter box I bet to them and they probably wonder why anyone would do that. 

The cats here know how to break into the cat food closet if I don't make it back.  They're smarter than I am.

I'm going to have a friend hang out here while I'm off with the boys to the far northern beaches.   Why not?   She likes it here and she may as well pretend she lives here.  I don't care.  I got friends with boyfriend troubles.  I got friends with husband troubles.     The crucial three words there are "I got friends".   As for their troubles, we all got those.

The power was out today.  Nobody knows why.   It came on again about 7:30.  Just now, near 11:00 p.m., I get a robocall from the power company.  The man says in his monotone computer voice, "We'd like to confirm the power is now on.  Thank you.  The power was out due to, pause, then slower, "transmission interruption".   I was so impressed.

And gee thanks.

Here's the latest youcaring fundraiser site.  I know, nobody wants to hear it.  So forward the link to your rich friends, or your cat loving rescue friends, or your school (their e-mail lists are a mile long, seriously), or make your little kids empty their piggy banks.........

Click here to empty your pockets into mine for cats!

Well, I am going to need to somehow suddenly get rich to keep these cats here in vet care, food and litter.  Or marry rich.  It may not be too late to become a gold digger.   I could win that lottery.  But probably I should learn to count cards then head to a casino.

This video is going around.  Apparently Oregon's failed health care website cost the nation a quarter billion dollars.  It's embarrassing, but this is funny!

What can I say? We are idiots. And wasteful. Not me. I pinch every penny til it bleeds. As for Oregon's passion for cuteness, I'll just say, Rogue is darn cute and so is Brambie!

I want to add a huge thank you to all those who helped Cougie get her teeth all pulled.  For the first two times she visited a vet for dental work, thank you so much to Odd Cat Out, up in Sherwood, a division of Poppa Inc.  And for the final dental where the last 14 teeth were pulled, thank you to 15 supporters in all, who contributed, many from the U.S. of A., but also people helped from as far away as Australia, England and Canada!   She's looking good now and feeling great!
Cougie, taken this morning.  She's doing great!  Thanks to all who helped give her a better life!

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