Sunday, January 05, 2014

Goodbye Patches, Javi, Thunder and Vino (maybe)

Vino will be leaving today with Thunder. Maybe.  I can't tell Flopsy and Vino apart that well, so hopefully I will take Vino, but I might end up with Flopsy.

Javi, the little black girl, left yesterday with Patches.

Patches, on the left, left yesterday to a home with Javi, a young black female.  FIV positive big boy Thunder, leaves today, going north with Vino.
Four of the Lebanon colony cats will be gone by this evening.  Patches and Javi are already gone, settling in at their new home out in the mountains east of Eugene.  Thunder and Vino will get to live their lives in a fabulous and huge sanctuary, with outside enclosed deck access.  What a nice happy ending for some Lebanon abandonees!

Meanwhile, Rosy, Patches' teenage daughter, is almost tame, along with Bluebell, Huckleberry and one other young short hair gray, whose name escapes me, because I get the young gray short hairs mixed up.  It's not Willy or Storm, I know.  I think it's Mopsy, the little girl short hair gray.

There have been deaths from swine flu in Oregon.  The most recent a five year old boy, who had been flu vaccinated. Some ER's are overwhelmed in cases.  I didn't get vaccinated when I went for my doctor's appointment because I was catching a cold at the time, that laid me low.  I've never had a flu vaccine and also never had the flu except once way back in college.  I'm thinking about getting a vaccine if I can get in to get one.  I've been superstitious about it, the fact I've never really had the flu in my adult life and never been vaccinated and I think, if I change something, like get vaccinated, I'll get it.  I know that is silly.  The news says the current vaccine is only about 50% effective against this years' strain, whatever that means.   Although people are getting sick even dying who were vaccinated, it's such a terrible flu this year, I want any protection I can add.  Tomorrow, I'm searching out a vaccine.

And this is what near midnight and just after New Year's Eve sounded like, from my porch.  A dense fog rolled in right at midnight, occluding view of the plentiful illegal fireworks being shot skyward by nearby residents.  I don't know where people get these fireworks or the money to buy them, but  people around here find them, buy them and then they sure put on a show.


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