Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yikes! Police Visit.

I have chronic guilt complexes.  I always feel rightfully guilty.

I don't do anything illegal.  I can't.  I would probably go confess just out of guilt.

So when a police officer showed up in front of my house then came to the door, I was shaking, literally, in fright.

There's lots of drama amongst this area's residents.  You never know who might accuse you of what for any reason at any time.

Something you have to live with if you live around here.

So anyhow, he starts out, "I need to talk to you about your cat "Hit".

My mind is racing, but coming up with blanks and I know those blanks aren't occurring due to nervousness.  I say, "I don't let any of my cats free roam and I don't have a cat named "Hit".

He says, "No, I don't mean that, a cat named "Hit" was abandoned in a Heartland carrier over on 32nd, with a note on top that says "we can't care for him anymore"."

My mind is racing.  How does that involve me.  I don't have a cat named "Hit" I'm thinking.

"It's a really big pretty orange cat," he continues.  I'm really scared now, thinking someone has accused me of something wrongfully.

"Its micro chipped through Heartland to you."  My face goes white, just at the implication, that I abandoned a cat.

But only for a moment.  I recalled then, that for awhile, Heartland microchipped cats I took in to be fixed for nothing, registering the chip under their name and mine, and I would tell the owners, when I returned their fixed cat about it, and how to register it to their information, but I doubt any of those people ever did that.

I asked for the date of the micro chip and the officer gave it to me.  I said, "Just a moment" and came to my computer to look up records.  It took only a couple minutes to find the name, address and phone number of "Shit".  That is the name they'd given him, not "Hit".  I remembered then how Heartland surgery staff didn't want to write his name down as "Shit" and changed it to "Hit" for the records.

The people never returned the carrier he was in either, afterwards, a Heartland carrier they had given me.  They abandoned him in that carrier, not even theirs.

I'd gotten three adults fixed for them some time before, including a female with 7 kittens.  They didn't want the kittens.  I finally took five of the seven kittens up to a rescue in Portland.  Why only five?  Because in the end, they refused to relinquish two of the kittens, the two boys, Shit and Bit, I took to be fixed in March of 2012 when they were much older.  Beautiful "Shit" is the one found abandoned in the carrier, my carrier.

Here's the other thing that happened when the officer was at my door.  The big dogs, including the boxer who has charged at me for years, come charging across my yard at the officer.  He turns to face them.  I say "They always do that.  Just ignore them, they won't hurt you."  He is fairly calm about it, says something about that's how some dogs are.

 But after he leaves he stops in front of the house down from mine.  The dogs owners house.  They have friends who are policemen so I think nothing of it, think he must be saying hello.  But later I have another knock on the door.  It's the neighbor who wants to know why the officer was at my door, that he then came to his house to chew them out about the loose dogs charging him.  I tell him the officer came about a cat abandoned two blocks from here, not about the dogs, but the dogs charged him outside my door.    I think he thinks or thought I called the police to file a complaint about his dogs.  But I didn't.  I should have long ago, but I never have.  What kind of people let their dogs charge at neighbors for years and do nothing to stop it?   What kind of an idiot puts up with that?  Me, that's who.

"Shit" taken when I took him to be fixed in March 2012.  He was left out in a carrier, my carrier, with a note today that read "we can't take care of him anymore".  I wonder where his brother is, and the other cats they had.
Here is "Bit" his brother, fixed the same day, also micro chipped to me and Heartland.

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