Friday, December 06, 2013

Let it Snow

Snow is a rare bird in the mid valley.  Thought by some to be extinct.



The Claw awakened me at 6:30 to this beautiful sight!
I just washed this carrier.

The snow is still coming down, light and powdery and beautiful.  This morning, despite the historical lack of snow in this valley, giving many drivers little experience, dutifully people headed off to work, with a bit of excitement pumping in the heart though, for the drive and this unusual event, because it is so beautiful out.

Snow covers all our sins, all our ugliness and junk in one beautiful white blanket.  What's not to love?

Particles of pollution in the air attach to the water crystals and fall in the snow, cleaning the air!

It's insulating also.  I can finally turn off the space heater for the colony cats in the garage for a bit, and save on the electricity bill it has been creating for me.  Their home going will be delayed due to this weather, but that's ok.  Tomorrow nights temps are to drop to single digits in this valley, creating a heavy iceload of that snow on roofs or anywhere else it has remained by then.

Right now, this moment, is peaceful and beautiful!

The neighbor, her little girl and I built a snow woman.  We had to pour water on the snow so it could be packed and stick together.  The snow here is very light powder.  I stole one of my cat's ball toys to use for the nose.  Some thin shell almonds I had became the eyes and mouth.

This is how my cats are spending the day....snoozing, taking it easy, doing nothing.  Ooops, that's what they always do.

Cat house in the snow.

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