Saturday, September 21, 2013

So Long Boys

Dano is now living in Portland with Sunny

Sunny moved on with Dano to his new home today in Portland.

Matty, the one-eyed girl cat, from the Dead Neighbor, was the only one of his three I could get into a shelter.  Safehaven took Matty and adopted her out from there.  I so hope she got a decent loving home.
So the neighbor is dead and now his three cats are gone too.  I will miss them.  It's like a big hollow cloud over there now, a black hole, souls are missing, calling out but I can't see them.

Matty used to come tease me when I was in the yard, wanting to play.  Dano and Sunny were not as friendly.  They all loved the old man, however, and before he was ill, would all pile atop his lap as he watched movies then fell asleep in his easy chair.  Outside, they followed him around at his feet, all three of them. I wish I'd taken a photo.

It's the end of an era.  Despite his gruffness, drinking issues that caused him nights to yell and curse at his own cats, racist comments, and right wing political ranting, he would tell me I was Jesus to the cats of this area.  He was the only one.  Bless his old fart cantankerous stubborn soul for that.

Nobody's perfect!

Good luck, kitties.  I know you all three wanted to stay with me, had always wanted that, I'm so sorry I couldn't do three more.  I'm really sorry.  I know you three trusted me, loved the whole set up here so much you tried to break in several times, to be part of what you thought you were missing out on, being out there, living with him.  I'm so sorry.  If  I had money and were younger, a bit more space....well I am sorry.

Good luck to you Matty and Sunny and Dano.  I am crying right now because, well, it's been tough to worry as I have, to not know if I could manage three more or find you decent people and homes.  But I couldn't leave you guys abandoned, locked out of your own house, sad like you were, trying to scratch at his door, not understanding why nobody let you in.  I couldn't leave you to this vicious area either.  I knew you would not survive long.  How hard and sad life can be.

The old man didn't suffer long.  He was coming and going up to the last couple of months.  It's better when suffering, with no good ending in store, isn't drawn out long.  I thought he was going to shoot himself to end it, I really did and I didn't blame him.  There was ammunition on his coffee table.  I didn't say a word, but I really thought that was his intention.

He was broke when he died.  He'd sold off  his stuff the last couple of years to just survive.  The only thing he had of any value at his end were his cats.  Living breathing souls he loved.  I loved them too.  I can't help myself in that regard.  I have a lot of extra love in my heart to spend.  I wonder if I'll spend it all before I die and be broke of love by then.  I wonder.

Good luck to you, Dano and Sunny now, in your new home, don't forget me.  I won't forget you.  How could I?  Just like I can't forget your old man and his ways, and smile.  He was a character!  He loved you.

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